Its that time of the year....the company Christmas Party

It’s fully back. After being axed in 2020 and 2021 with a wittled down 2022 version.

We are apparently doing a black tie event this year in London. People are really up for letting loose this year on the company dime.

I actually think this may be a bit WFH related, as you tend to look forward more to these activities vs pre-covid.

I, too, look forward to my company’s blowout holiday celebration. An early release and perhaps a nice “wishing you and yours the very best in whatever form you celebrate, or don’t” mass email from the ceo.


Used to work at a company with an annual Christmas party. Basically an excuse to get tipsy.

Honestly, would rather stay home. A wedding or something can be fun, but for work with coworkers - eh. Nice gesture by the company, I suppose.


I’m pretty meh about corporate Christmas parties. I’d go back when I was in that world, but never got tipsy and we didn’t stay til the end. The most memorable part was when people were taken back at how hawt my wife is lol. I guess they weren’t expecting that.

I’m not doing Christmas parties anymore. Instead we entertain. This year we are having a handful of my industry friends over plus our staff. Close, small group, it’s casual and a lot of fun. Food will be my spouse’s prime rib, and I’ll do my famous french fries. Our dining table seats 12-14 so we just all sit around and eat and bullshit for a few hours. Don’t even have to get dressed up.


I haven’t worked for a company with a holiday party since I stopped drinking. And I think it’s for the best. The parties were far more awkward than fun, someone ended up doing something stupid (sometimes that person was me), I never felt any sense of boosted morale, not everyone celebrates the holidays, and they were only optional on paper. So, I am actually very glad to never attend one again.

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Sadly my company doesn’t do Christmas parties (for the actuaries, anyway), although I believe they did before COVID. Cheapskates…

I used to be quite a drinker, but nonetheless was looking at my coworkers at the last party attended, like… “You all have to drive 30+ minutes home… I sure as shit hope you all have DDs like I do.”

I’m quite sure they did not all have DDs.

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Walking half a mile home in a snowstorm shitfaced is actually how I was the holiday party idiot one year! I fell, sprained my MCL, at least didn’t require surgery.

Yes, driving after drinking is something so many people around here do, and it’s scary.

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There has been a noticeable increase in people who do not drink over here (health + cost of living).

We now have a big selection of non-alcoholic drinks available. This was not the case a few years back.

All of this is likely location dependent. London and NYC gives you lots of options vs smaller cities.

Drunk walking is actually quite dangerous IIRC, I think there was a Freakonomics chapter about it.

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You don’t say.


Agreed, recently there is an uptick in N/A acceptance and drink availability, and I definitely appreciate it. This is in the US. Wasn’t the case at said party in my past. However, since then when my companies have given alcohol to employees I’ve often seen an N/A option beyond the astoundingly bad O’Douls.

We have an officer party. It’s “Holiday dressy casual”. I need to find something to wear bc my previous go to is quite dated.

Haven’t had one in over 20 years.

My last office holiday party ever (prolly). Head over at noon, eat a nice lunch, bowl a few games and talk with coworkers, leave by 4

That would be such a great party

Bowling & Meal/Drinks

I could definitely see that being popular here if they were available (bowling alleys are actually hard to find in London). We tend to do Escape Rooms here (quite a few around).

Your company sounds fun.

Since when are companies supposed to be “fun”?

Usually helps a bit with employee retention.

Just one of those things.

we have a year end party. at a place w upscale bar and food and also some bowling lanes. it’s a decent time. I don’t get drunk at it. we leave the office at 130 to make it happen.

company holiday party 15 years ago (yikes) was a ton of people bombed. hotel rooms rented and taxis ordered for as many as asked. i drove home (0 drinks that night) as that employer is where I discovered the NA beer as way to avoid the fiasco. i do not fit in with a “lets get bombed!” crowd at all now (if ever).

my corner of the industry has events i attend (like 6 a year) where it is non stop drinking well and eating well on the company dime with most of the team present. we don’t need another one on my actual free time.