It's okay to do Halloween this year

It’s okay to do Halloween this year

Unless you’re in Seattle.

I heard Christmas is in trouble though.

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It’s OK to do Halloween this year because the current administration is doing all the shit the prior one intentionally refused to do which would have controlled the pandemic and gotten us back to normal a hell of a lot sooner, and resulted in the deaths of almost 700,000 people (and still counting) and long-term injury to countless others.

Thanks, Biden!

So, it’s safe to do Halloween this year, but there might be political issues with the holiday, as celebrated by a particular school.

Um, okay.

Last year I set out a few candy bars in a bowl, and replaced them after kids took them. This year I am looking forward to actually greeting kids at the door. Happy Halloween. And thank god for vaccines.


No, it’s okay to do Halloween this year. “Safe” is a separate issue.