It turns out... wearing a mask help you, too


As for which mask to choose? The CDC notes that when it comes to cloth masks, multiple layers made of higher thread counts do a better job of protecting the wearer than single layers of cloth with lower thread counts.

Where is the :captain_obvious: emoji when you need one . . .

asia has a heavy mask wearing culture (especially taiwan), due to bad air/the belief that breathing cold air is bad for you/general comfort in wearing mask for whatever reason.

Masks sold out for weeks in Taiwan and mask rationing happened for months when COVID started (not toilet paper, what gives).

Taiwan hasn’t had a single case for weeks, and barely had any since inception, despite being next to China. They had no lock down, whatsoever

Wearing a mask is just common sense. Westerners need to learn to be comfortable with it.

NPR was saying this back in July. Is there anything new in the more recent article?

I think the big news is that the CDC finally officially recognized it. The only surprise is that they didn’t update their website too early, say “opps, too early” and roll it back, and then roll it out again a week later. :laughing:

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Two things:

  1. The CDC is finally saying it officially.
  2. they cite a number of studies saying that wearing masks reduces the wearer’s risk about 70%. I don’t think I saw numbers back then.

Will this get through to the brains of the unwilling?

“They’re just saying that to MAKE me wear a mask!!!”

Years ago I asked about people on campus at Uwaterloo wearing masks - whether it was to protect me or them. I was told that it was to protect me.
Seemed to make sense to me at the time, just that it was culturally uncommon in the West. Hopefully that’s been changed. I expect to routinely wear a mask even after this is all over.

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As one of the few white people who somewhat routinely wore a mask before covid (for instance, if I had a slight cold and was on public transit), I look forward to it being socially acceptable to do so.