Israel - Hamas War October 2023

Kudos to the US universities in that regard. A difference in high school history between the US and Canada may be that I was taught much more “World History” than Canadian history. I expect US high schools focus primarily on US history rather than other countries’ history because of the relative importance of the US?

I was quite active politically during my high school and university years so I still learned much history and politics then but it was largely outside of the classroom. I wish however I could have worked in some history classes in university.

When I was in high school, the state requirement was that everyone take a year of Western history, and a year of US history. There was also an option to take AP European history, which had about 1/6th of the enrollment of AP US history at my school, partly because it was option, partly because the teacher had a reputation of being tough (she was excellent, not unfairly hard). And there was also an option to take a year of non-western history, which I did not do. So I graduated knowing essentially nothing about sub-Saharan African history or Asian history. I took courses on Indian and Japanese history in college, which still leaves massive knowledge gaps.

I went to do some reading on first Nations history wrt to Canada a couple years ago. I figured the best books would be those written ‘at the time’. My gawd, even I could tell they were racist books lol. Modern writing on the subject imo is heavily tainted as well, hard to get unbiased readings ion that subject.

Honestly the most factual info is the truth and reconciliation reports. But I got about a quarter of the way through and nope. It’s pretty heavy reading. Biggest takeaway from what I did read is that the media is full of crap on the subject.

If you want legit reading recommendations go to Ask Historians Subreddit and ask them.


wiki is your friend. No need to stay actively ignorant.


In my high school AP History class, one of the principles was that if it happened less than 30 years ago, it’s too recent to study objectively.

That got us up to Ike and the early part of the Cold War, although everything after we nuked Japan was a bit rushed.


I can see that.

In addition, as bad as I thought Nixon was in real time, he turned out to be even worse when additional revelations came out many years later.


I bet that the Avro Arrow was not mentioned when discussing Ike’s term in office so I will mention it here.

In the 1950’s, the Canadian aerospace industry was developing the Avro Arrow. It was far superior to any US military jet. The US aerospace industry was concerned and persuaded Ike to have a chat with our PM about discontinuing its support for the Arrow. The Arrow program was quickly shut down followed by most of the Canadian military aerospace industry.

Probably academic as one of the big US aerospace companies would have acquired Avro if Arrow sales had been successful. Although there is a bit of an aerospace industry left in Canada it is primarily some branches of the big US companies. All our fighter jets are now bought from US companies. The movie about the Avro Arrow was quite entertaining (starred Dan Ackroyd :canada:).

Further updates on the arrow. Barry’s Bay, Ontario is the home of one of the test pilots. Fallout ('member him? where’d he go?) was from there. Anyway, in the town center there’s a big statue of the pilot and the plane. here you go, Barry’s bay ontario, where I vacation every year:’s+Bay,+ON/@45.4884337,-77.6783707,34a,54.2y/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipORAVe8Sw8Aw5-4yQtqdZV75RsoliGsLUzDECMh!2e10!3e12!!7i3024!8i4032!4m7!3m6!1s0x4cd41ced881d52d7:0xcaca519ae470ba18!8m2!3d45.4884337!4d-77.6783707!10e5!16zL20vMGNycDdx?entry=ttu

There’s an urban myth that that they fired test planes into lake ontario and apparently people hope to find one someday. I don’t think they’ve ever found one though, could be wrong.

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That falls into the “after 1945” category, so no. I’m not sure the name “Kissinger” ever came up unless you happened to read ahead in the textbook.

I had:
US History in 5th, 8th and 11th grades
Civics (semester only) in 9th grade
American Literature in 10th grade

Ancient Civilizations in 6th grade
World History in 4th & 10th grades
British Literature in 11th grade

Geography in 7th grade (both US and worldwide)
Social Studies semester-long elective in 12th grade (minimum of 1 elective, but you could take more if you wanted)

Other English classes included literature from US & Britain & others as well.

But the 8th grade version of US history included quite a bit of other stuff if it was related to the US. Like some history of the Kingdom of Hawaii, or the French resistance in WWII or the concentration camps during the Holocaust. So it was a pretty loose “US” history.


Nativity from the Lutheran Church of Bethlehem, Palestine.


Buses fail to show up to transfer people to pro-Israel rally.

What context is given for the picture? I tried looking on goggles and I could not find anything other than the celebration will be quieter this year.

Via @MuntherIsaac, a Palestinian Evangelical Lutheran Pastor:

Christmas in Palestine this year. The Child under the rubble. Immanuel God is with us in our pain and suffering. God in solidarity with the oppressed. The child of Bethlehem is our hope. For the children of Gaza and all victims of wars. At the Christmas Lutheran Church Bethlehem

Apologies for no link as I don’t have Twitter.

I’ve read “All The President’s Men,” which chronicled what was being published during the Nixon Administration.
And I’ve read “The Final Days,” which chronicled what was going on in, but not necessarily published during, the Nixon Administration.
The latter is far more fascinating and was published only a couple years (1976) after resignation.

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The UJA identified the subcontractor as Prestige Worldwide Transportation Network LLC, owned by Mohammed Ashfaq.

This guy might need to answer a few questions.


I have no comment on the motivations or reasons behind the failure of the bus company to complete its contract.

From the article.
" a rally in support of Israel and against antisemitism"

“We are driven to the view that this shameful decision is intended to disrupt our peaceful rally out of hatred toward Jews,”

It would be nice if Jewish groups would quit equating Jews and Israel.


So you are implying that the driver ghosted them due to his purely political views of the situation in Israel? Does this driver vet all contracts he accepts to see if they fit his political leanings?

I have no comment on the motivations or reasons behind the failure of the bus company to complete its contract.

The article states no reason why there was a failure to meet the contract.

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