Isha foundation

Friend of a friend is involved in this and thinks it’s great.

I’m 100% convinced it’s a cult.

Anybody familiar with it?

Yeah, gives me early/mid cult vibes. However, it could just be garden-variety hoodoo like what Gwenyth Paltrow peddles via Goop. Probably somewhere in the middle, I’d say.

I see at least 2 allegations of people being held their against their well, at least one was dismissed in court. It sounds more like brain-washing (which is how one of the accusers characterized it) than actual captivity. Probably they were programmed in a cultlike manner.

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I hadn’t heard of it.

Poking around online there certainly seem to be plenty of comments accusing Isha of being a cult, but nothing from what I’d consider mainstream or “big name” sources…but then again, the last anti-cult organization I considered objective enough to trust was sued into oblivion by the Church of Scientology, so… :person_shrugging:

In what I quickly skimmed, this comment I came across smelled the most plausible to me:

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It’s actually more that the friends mom got super into it, and withdrew quite a bit from friend and other family. Smells of a cult based on that, although not sure friend is ready to hear that yet.

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if it ducks like a walk

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Does she spend an inordinate amount of money (say, more than Peloton, which is a separate topic) on an exercise routine that could be done for free at home?
Is she asking others to spend an inordinate amount of money on an exercise routine that could be done for free at home?

If so, she might be in a cult.

“If you ever kissed your sister, you might be a redneck Jedi.”