Is the SoA having trouble finding casualty graders?

This is a bizarre wait for results. Maybe it’s just an administrative error, but I wonder if they are having trouble finding graders or something. But didn’t they hire a full time staff actuary to oversee the GI track?

Continuing the discussion from SOA obligation to grade in x weeks:

What particular wait do you mean? None of the results for the fall fellowship exams in other tracks have been released, and don’t think they were released before Christmas last year either.

I don’t know how quickly the modules are being graded in any of the tracks.

Did you read the link? Its from someone who took the Applications of Statistical Techniques Module on the GI track back in August and is still waiting for results. They contacted the SoA 3 weeks ago to inquire, and were told they would hear in 2 weeks, but haven’t, yet. They sent another email and got no reply.

No. It’s harder for me to recognize links here than on the AO. I read it now, and it does say there were, at least earlier in the year, similar delays in modules in other tracks. It does seem ridiculous. I would have been more surprised at them missing their exam grading schedules. Pretty long waits for those, too, but at least a relatively rigid process, so exam grades normally come out on schedule.

It would have helped if you quoted the other post in the OP, because there’s just a little number [indicating how many times people clicked on the link]

It would not have been obvious to me that there’s a link there.

Also, I have no idea how many people the SOA has working (volunteer or paid) on the GI track.

We are all learning how to use this software.

The revenant parts to quote were scattered through two posts, so I thought I’d just link the short thread. In retrospect, it would have been helpful to have paraphrased more. But I expect folks to catch on that blue (in my theme) means a link.

This is what it looks like to me:

I have to squint to see the color difference. It’s subtle. The number next to the link did indicate to me there was a link there.

You really need to switch to dark mode.

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You can come back to the light, I know there’s still good in you!

I’ll consider it after the CAS hooks me up with some exam results.

I’m using the “light” theme. I think it shows info better than the default “shades of blue”.

That’s an interesting typo…if, in fact, it was a typo…somewhat apropos given the reappearance of the AO.


I replied in that post — I too submitted the Application of Statistical Techniques and it only took slightly over 4 weeks for me.

I fee bad for the guy who is having the issue but it’s one of both: either he did not MMR and somehow the fail email got lost in junk or he did not notice, OR the person who graded it forgot to actually upload a grade.

That’s interesting. Do the FSA modules work the same as the FAP modules? For FAP the possibilities are as follows:

  1. Grader 1 Pass = Pass

  2. Grader 1 Fail + Grader 2 Fail = Fail

  3. Grader 1 Fail + Grader 2 Pass + Grader 3 Pass = Pass

  4. Grader 1 Fail + Grader 2 Pass + Grader 3 Fail = Fail

Obviously 1 is the fastest and 3 & 4 will take quite a bit longer with 2 being in the middle.

It would be interesting to release this info to candidates… where they are in that process.

If FSACandidate was in the first category and the guy in the other thread is waiting on Grader 3, that partially explains the delay.

But it’s still a crazy long time to wait.

Also now that we’ve had a lot of FAP and FSA Modules graded, it would be nice to see what percentage of exercises fall in category 3. If it’s not very many then perhaps they should consider doing away with multiple graders as category 3 is the only situation where the outcome is different than the first grader’s result.

But perhaps it makes the first grader more secure in failing someone… knowing that another grader must agree before the person really fails. :woman_shrugging:

uuugh no not that Millennial crap
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I’ll allow that.

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