Is the life meeting no more?

Just got the email that ValAct is back, but it looks like it is being held in place of the life meeting. (At the end of last year’s life meeting, they said that this year’s would be in New York, but ValAct is in New York and there’s no life meeting on the calendar.) Does that mean the life meeting is no more? As a non-valuation life actuary, I found that meeting to be by far the most useful in terms of topics that are applicable to my work. It would be pretty disappointing if the SOA wasn’t going to hold it anymore.

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Let me find the email…

Achieving New Synergy: Life Content at ImpACT!

As we gear up for an exciting shift in our annual conferences, we wanted to share some important news regarding the Life Meeting content.

After in-depth conversations and research, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) has decided to make Life Meeting content a part of the ImpACT Conference and bring back the Valuation Actuary (ValAct) Meeting. We understand that this change may raise some concerns. Rest assured, the life actuarial community is an essential part of who we are, and this transformation is designed to enhance your experience and bring about a new era of collaboration through the opportunity to fulfill your professional development (PD) credits at one or both meetings!
Life Meeting Content Becomes a Vital Part of ImpACT:
Non-valuation content that would have been part of the Life Meeting (primarily Life product and pricing) will now be a vital part of the ImpACT Conference. This move will help expand your horizons and create a dynamic meeting that caters to your diverse needs and interests. From thought-provoking keynotes to interactive sessions, ImpACT will be a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and collaboration.
Specialized Sessions Tailored to Your Expertise:
ImpACT will host a series of specialized sessions catering specifically to the expertise of the life actuarial community. Our goal is to provide an enriched experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional conferences, fostering a deeper connection with your field of interest.

We are confident that ImpACT will be a transformative experience for all, and we look forward to creating lasting memories with you during our 75th Anniversary.
Save the date for 2024 SOA ImpACT Conference:

October 27–30 – National Harbor, MD

November 13–14 – Virtual

So basically, be happy with the Life content in the annual meeting, which they rebranded as ImpACT.


My boss was all set to send me to NYC in August. Now the Life Meeting is DC/MD in October, but doesn’t cover valuation. I don’t think they’ll pay for both meetings. :confused:

looks like you’re going to the ValAct!