Is GoActuary suppose to be a secured site?

That is, using an https: protocol (rather than just http:)?

I’m getting a message on my work computer that this site is not secure.

I couldn’t log in from work or my phone for HOURS! :sob:

I cleared my cache completely, and that seemed to make a difference.

I was getting to the “same page” when I clicked on Unread.

I did absolutely nothing at all and it eventually started working again. :woman_shrugging:

My url is https

I’m just checking to see if I have a “work computer” issue (it says that some certificate isn’t “current”).


Maybe VA’s work computer is trying to tell him something.
@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


No explanation. If clearing cookies fixes it, I guess that’s my suggestion.
If you visit the non secure site, the server forces you over the the secure site. I checked, it’s working.the redirect is at the server level so you shouldn’t be able to get around that.
When you visit the secure site, it sends over a security certificate. They can expire, but ours is autorenewed every three months. I checked, and the current certificate is up to date and not expired.
And there’s been no server outages or interruptions. I’m here throughout the day and haven’t had any outages.

I’ve cleared cookies . . . and browser history (not that this should fix anything, necessarily).

This seemed to “fix” getting the same page reloaded when I click “Unread” . . . and I’m getting sent to the secure server–and this is where I’m getting the message that the “certificate” has expired (or something along those lines).

I’ll check where my short cut on my work computer is pointing; clear my cache again, and see if it’s “working properly” . . .

Depending on your browser, perhaps you can also delete the certificate.
It sure sounds like you’ve got some bad data stored in the browser somewhere.

Was today the day that the auto-renewing happened?

I wonder if it happened several hours late. Because for hours I got the message that the security certificate was out of date… both on my phone and at work.

Then I changed absolutely nothing and it started working. I figured you just renewed the certificate.

That said, it did mention a date in June for the certificate… which I thought was strange. I didn’t screen shot the message though, so no way to reproduce it.

It wouldn’t let me through to the site… something about someone trying to impersonate

Good point, though the cert was renewed a couple of weeks ago.
Next time I’m talking to my dev I’ll ask him if he’s got any ideas. It seems pretty clear there’s a discrepancy on the certificate on our server and what your browser is seeing.

Things seem to be showing up as expected today. I haven’t done anything “new”, though.