Is authoritarianism the best form of government for the countries that practice it?

So word has it that Bing has censored images of tank man, even for US users. What’s so bad about just admitting that it happened? That kind of got me thinking of authoritarian regimes in general, are they the best form of government possible for the countries that have them? Even North Korea?

Because I was thinking, if democracy were better, they’d do that instead. But obviously the people thought about it and decided that overthrowing their regime to build a democratic (or other) one wasn’t worth it after weighing the costs and benefits, so they decided what they have now is currently the best they can get.

Bing is still a thing?

You think like crap.

Maybe not much longer. They started censoring NSFW material like Google does.

Kim Jong Un is probably the best possible candidate to rule North Korea. If he weren’t, the generals would just blow him up with a hand grenade or something.

why is the tank man NSFW? nothing even happens in the video.

It’s not NSFW, it’s NSFC

I don’t think it is obvious that the people thought about it. That is the point of forced deprivation. The people are too busy trying to meet their minimum needs to consider an alternative system. If they do get a brief reprieve the most foolish among them will double down on the state propaganda.

NK practices actual deprivation which limits their GDP but is easier to manage versus the simulated deprivation of the west. If the facade is lifted on the simulated deprivation as happened in 2020 then you have to work extra hard to distract and recreate the facade.

Anyway, aren’t you glad everything is opening back up? Well it would if we quit paying all those lazy young don’t wanna workers…

I dunno, Mao did have to convince a few million people to side with him to defeat the Kuomintang so surely they put maybe just a little bit of thought into it

He had to kill a lot of people, too. They may not have favored his government.

nah it’s more like if general 1 says to general 2 “let’s blow him up” then G2 will snitch on G1 and get brownie points

prisoners dilemma imo

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My goodness. :joy:

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