Is Aaron Rodgers done

I keep thinking his achilles tendon tear is a career ender, definately a season ender. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play next year.

Why career ender:
1.) Old
2.) Lots of injuries to date
3.) Pfizer $
4.) Jeopardy host

Why not:
1.) His med team will make his AT just fine


He said he plans to come back this season. And since the Jets won’t make the playoffs without him, that must mean regular season. Doesn’t sound anywhere close to done to me :person_shrugging:



I think he’ll be back next year.

  • $38m/yr in 2024/2025 is a lot to walk away from
  • I find it hard to believe there wasn’t at least some vague assurances to the Jets he’d play more than one year given what they gave up for him and paid him.
  • From what he’s said, he seems to really like Hackett, Lazard, Cobb.
  • NFL QB Ego seems like it would be hard to be the proclaimed savior of the Jets, get injured, and then retire.

He’ll be back, he still has to play for the Vikings.



And end his stint with an interception


Then he’ll be stealing money from the California welfare system for himself.


he will be back. achilles recovery is pretty straightforward. he will commit to the rehab and make sure he returns 100%.

to me the larger risk is him being so far ahead of usual timestamps for when he can be in a boot walking on it or whatever. if he thinks healing rules don’t apply to him bc he’s him he could re-rupture it

That’s re-rupture.



I don’t know how he makes the end of the season. Doesn’t he first have to spend 40 days in the wilderness to decide? That doesn’t leave much time.

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I thought it was darkness, not the wilderness?

I think it could be only 20 days if he spends 20 days in the wilderness & in darkness.

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it just seems like its that many days when he’s high on ayahuasca. in reality it’s like 36 hrs

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I wonder if that’s the one item he’d choose to bring with him if he made an appearance on Naked & Afraid?

Do you really think Rogers will play on Christmas Eve?

The best thing about him playing (or not) for the Jets is I no longer care at all.

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i do not. i think he will maximize the time he spends talking about himself possibly doing it