Is a pet dog a transmission vector?

Three days of holiday doings at our house. That creates lots of issues wrt siblings’ families (none of whom will be sleeping here), but we’ve gotten everyone reasonably onboard with the testing schedule. That leaves my two adult daughters who will be staying here, also keeping to the testing schedule which includes binaxnow tests each morning.

If any member of a sibling’s family tests positive, family leaves.

If a daughter tests positive, either she goes home or isolates here. If wife or I test positive, certainly we isolate, and I guess we let the daughters decide how long they want to stay.

One daughter has a dog. If that daughter tests positive, and wants to isolate here, does the dog need to isolate, or can she still roam the whole house freely? (Keeping the dog away from her owner is not viable; keeping the dog isolated with her possible but not best unless necessary.)

I’m sure you can google just as well as I can, but here’s something from the CDC:

What You Should Know about COVID-19 and Pets | Healthy Pets, Healthy People | CDC

However, it goes on to say…

We didn’t avoid any of those things (with pets or people) when my household had covid.


@Echo: Don’t go licking Daddy’s face!!! You don’t know what kinda cooties he has!!! :zombie: :microbe:

Didn’t know you and your family had covid. How did that go?

It was okay. Unpleasant in the way most illnesses are. Wouldn’t recommend seeking out the experience, but I’d go to much greater lengths to avoid norovirus than covid. But I realize I’m younger &/or less obese than many of the other readers here, so YMMV.

ETA (on-topic): I don’t think covid came into our house through our pets, but who knows? :woman_shrugging:


I’m not 8 like you, but as a non obese person, I’d still like to avoid covid. I’ve heard less than stellar reviews for even skinny folk.

Had to look up norovirus. Yes I’d like to avoid that too please. I’m sure I’ve had that at least once or twice in my life and awful.

Why not just test the dog?

If the kid with the dog tests positive, maybe they should go home to recover. If she’s too sick to look after herself, then you’d end up taking care of the dog anyway.

Excellent idea (not sure if yours, mine or both should be in red font), but our concern is less

Daughter infects dog, dog infects us


Daughter coughs on dog, depositing viral particles; we interact with dog and pick up too many particles; or similar, without the dog having Covid.
(Maybe that’s an idea so far fetched that it should be in red font).

Oh. You mean the dog as fomite? I think the chances of that is vanishingly small.