Ironic News

The female Capitol invader that was trampled to death in the crowd was carrying a “don’t tread on me flag”


Woman writes op ed for WaPo complaining about the Buccaneers team name. “romanticizing ruthless cutthroats”, “Because it takes these murderous thieves who did terrible things — like locking women and children in a burning church — and makes them a symbol of freedom and adventure, erasing their wicked deeds from historical memory. These were men (and women) who willingly participated in murder, torture and the brutal enslavement of Africans and Indigenous peoples.”

She has now deleted her facebook and instagram accounts, and locked her twitter account, due to the backlash. Why:


She loves glorifying pirates! You might even say she wrote the book on it.


She’s kinda cute.

I’d ask her out.

That is a terribly fitting mask.

You try sewing on the high seas. You’d probably poke your eye out. Argh!

Are there low seas?

The dead one.

Come on now. You had so many lines there for the taking and you chose “ask her out”?

I’d shiver her timbers
I’d swab her poop deck
She could rig my main mast
She could be first mate