IPD's honorary survivor chicken pool

You can pick 1-4 teams each week to win. You can’t repeat teams. If a team you pick loses, ALL teams you picked for that week are not counted. Once you lose a game, you are out of the pool.

Winner is the one with the most successful picks at the end of the season.

Because I’m lazy, this is a self-modding game. Please quote your previous picks for tracking purposes.

This thread is subject to later clarifications as deemed necessary.

I am honored!

Just a touch less lazy than I

I think I’ll definitely pick Tennessee and Cleveland this week. We’ll see if I get more ambitious before Sunday

Since the instructions were vague, I will pick all the Chicago Cubs, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Cincinnati Reds. That should give me a solid 4 points, as I am fairly certain none will lose this week.

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Week 11:
Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans
Tampa Bay Bucs

Week 11:

TC (ok Cleveland, just hate to ruin a pattern)

Big guys (not to be confused with the the current NY Big Guys, but the same as the former NY Big guys)

it does imply a tie is survival

you will not be eliminated, you also will accumulate no points



I’ll be the “pacer car” in this game…

Imma not sure wats started. So just give me TB.I think they are later.

There is a lot of replication. I am willing to accept modifications wHich limit duplication.

Can I remove TN?

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lol, it’s a cool idea. Thanks for starting this!

Yeah ill remove Tennessee to avoid duplication :+1:

This game sucks! :wink:

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I should add: maybe I enjoy losing too much

So all zeroes this week except maybe 1 person getting 1.

What a lame game. Whoever pushed to have this game should be ashamed

If there’s no limit on entry time I’ll choose stamps Bay this week