Iowa Actuaries Club

I will be presenting:

March 22 – will be doing presentation on mortality, etc.

I hope the CDC updates WONDER today.



Just a reminder, for those attending (and I’ll provide a link for my slides & files after the event)

I will be in attendance. DM me any softball questions you need lobbed.

Btw, CDC did update WONDER.

Thanks for the offer, @GamblinMan – I probably won’t need any Qs. I overdid it on the slides (no, I won’t try presenting them all), so if it doesn’t look like anybody is dropping questions in the chat while I’m talking, I’ll definitely be filling up all the time. I’ve got more than enough material.

Here are the slides & files:

I bet you killed it!

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Hey I paid $10 in dues for exclusive access for this type of content!

Well, you get to count it as “organized CPE” or whatever