Invitation for an Interview: Let’s Discuss about Spreadsheet-based Financial Modelling

I am posting this on behalf of Yonatan (quoted below) – I did this interview with him. I can share the questions with you, if you message me (meep) – Yonatan is doing this for his masters’ dissertation. His advisor is a member of the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group, which is how I found out about this.

My name is Yonatan, and I am a master’s student at Cardiff Metropolitan University in
Wales, UK. During my second year, I am writing a dissertation about exploring the
opportunities and challenges of standardising spreadsheet applications. (LinkedIn:

Are you interested in being part of this practical research project?

Typical participants are professionals who work with financial modelling in financial sector.
Research Topic and Contribution: The research is about the establishment of best practice
for spreadsheet application in financial sector. In this research, I want to investigate
effective and innovative use of spreadsheet systems by users and to what extent using this
technology ease or complicates their tasks. The expected outcome will be a small amount of
empirical evidence based on the user’s own perception of the technology and their social
and organisational support in their regular interpersonal settings.

Interview Process: The interview should take less than an hour. I will be taping the session
because I do not want to miss any of your comments. Although I will be taking some notes
during the session, I can’t possibly write fast enough to get it all down. Because we’re on
tape, please be sure to speak up so that I don’t miss your comments. If you object to this, I
will refrain from taping and transcribe directly during the interview. In this case, please
allow some extra time for the interview. In any case, your name will not appear in any
documentation. Your name will be replaced with a number (Participant 1; Participant 2).
You will participate at your own discretion; it is entirely voluntary, and you may withdraw at
any time. This will not have any consequences for any of the parties.

Confidentiality: My study also adheres to personal data protection laws. It fulfils Research
Ethics Committee Procedures at Cardiff Metropolitan University and UK General Data
Protection Regulation principles.

Thank you very much for your time in advance.

For further information, please kindly contact me through or
07864644167 (UK)