Introductory I - VEE, courses which satisfy

Hello everyone, I’m a career-changer prepping for the P & FM exams; however, I’d like to take steps to satisfy the VEEs which I can apply for after passing P & FM.

Regarding the VEE requirements for ASA Introductory I, can the accounting / finance / economics VEEs be satisfied by the local pass-through to Pearson virtual learning modules community college? Per the VEE directory, the only school within 100 miles of me can satisfy only VEE Applied Statistical Methods or VEE Economics. I can’t believe that a state university is unable to satisfy the accounting & finance VEEs. Is the VEE Directory simply lacking, or are these VEEs trickier than they seem?

I don’t know, but I think there are some requirements the courses / programs have to satisfy. If your local state university is not listed, you could ask them (the local university) about it and the requirements. It may just be that they have not requested that the courses be approved.


If you have not already take the classes then I would look at or similar. Something designed specifically to satisfy the VEE requirements.

If you have already taken the class then you may be able to get credit by showing what was covered using a class syllabus or similar, as I recall.

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The vee courses aren’t difficult or unique, but I imagine that universities have to have their courses accredited through the society which would take some work.

Since you’re a career changer, you won’t have those courses naturally from getting your degree. So your best bet is to take a course through a paid provider like the neas mentioned above, or by perusing actex or the actuarial bookstore.

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Here is the SOA’s link to what VEE courses need to cover:

If you think courese you already took should count, you could see if you (or the university) could get them approved. Here’s the link for you or the university to request evaluation of a course not yet approved VEE Course Approval Application

As SpaceLobster said, unless you think a course you already took will get approved, the courses from paid actuarial providers are likely cheapest route.


Thank you all very much, this is fantastic! Paid providers are the route I will take.