Is there a list somewhere of companies that hire actuarial interns? Do most just look for insurance companies near their home/school?

Companies that hire summer interns: when is that decision made? My company typically decides in the March-April timeframe. Is that late?

My friend’s son already has a non-actuarial intern offer for summer 22, at the place where he worked this year. He’ll probably need to accept or reject that offer before we even interview. Are we just slow?

What area is the current offer in? IT? Data science?

My company tends to do interviews starting in Oct and making offers early spring (“final list” is usually started early Feb and finalized by early April.)

I think your friend’s son is pretty early, IME it’s usually early-ish in the school year that people are getting plans set up for the following summer.

I believe it’s some kind of engineering.

My college has an actuarial career fair in late September. They also added one in January but I’m not sure if there’s internship offers then, or if it’s just general networking. They aren’t one of the major actuarial CAE schools, just noticed actuarial recruiting was tricky and worked hard to find a solution. Otherwise I think I just Googled insurance companies and looked for their actuarial internships. There is a general career fair in September/January each year as well, but no one there seemed to know what an actuary was.

My company recruits summer actuarial interns / new hires in September, but those who interned here over the summer and get an offer for another internship receive it in early August.

I have no idea the timing for non-actuarial positions.

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We’re already recruiting for next summer, and started a few weeks ago. Most of our offers will be made by the end of September.

I used to work for a company that waited until October/November or so to recruit for the following summer and THAT was already very late. There were virtually no exceptional-on-paper candidates left, which actually worked out well because I prefer to recruit candidates that are less traditional. But it was always a gamble.

March or April is really late in my experience.

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