Internal Company Social Media - Do you Participate?`

  • Yes
  • No
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I’m talking about like internal Slack/Teams channels that are like mini versions of LinkedIn. I don’t because LinkedIn is cringey enough.

Just wait until I share the results of this poll to my latest thought leadership ™ tweet!

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No thanks

You don’t sound like a team player to me

I fully admit that.
I’m there for the $, not to make friends.

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Currently not an option, but when it was like maybe once a year. I answered “no”.

My last company mandated that you at least create a profile. I did the minimum and never used it again.

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If they wanted you to use it more they should have increased the minimum

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Mine isn’t really like LinkedIn but they have pages dedicated to different topics. I subscribe to a few (parenting page, nerd page) and read some of it

RN, I think?

why do you have a seahawks avatar

Because I’m a Seahawks fan.

You lived in seattle?


On AO I had a Mariners avatar, but I decided to mix it up on the new site.


Always thought of you as someone from new England.

Nope. I have ties to Boston, but not really from there.