Interesting Thread Title Juxtapositions

What’s for Lunch?

Help my pick my capstone project
Transgender trends and politics in the US

There you go.

Not exactly a thread title juxtaposition, but I did enjoy seeing that at one point, the “The Debt Limit” thread’s last response was 11h ago. :upside_down_face:

What’s going on with Lincoln Financial?
If everyone thinks it’s a terrible idea, why does it get used?

Shame goes out to those using Lincoln Financial!

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Bump, for:
Where did you meet your signficant other?

Hot dog eating contest/competitive eating


I actually did get my wife’s number whilst at McD’s. We only knew each other by neme before that. But we matched at a hang-out waaaay back in H/S.

She is now my ex and happily remaried…



Annoyed Thoughts
Musk buys Twitter

Where did you meet your significant other?

Nosy, annoying, too friendly, female, retired, widow neighbor.


Girl on the Internet

Favorite YouTube Videos


I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why
Shower Beer
Thread for silly or stupid stuff you do

The last thing you bought on Amazon or eBay

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Just make sure it ships from and is sold by Amazon. Also gotta watch for some of those ultra-obscure brands like NUTZOV and BAIBAIBABEE.

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Balz-off - Saturday Night Live - YouTube

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#2 Method
What’s for lunch?

Facebook Observations
#2 Method

What GoA’er does this remind you of?

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This could go the opposite way too. But Eeewe!! :scream:

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Thread for silly or stupid stuff you do
Innumeracy (I’m a friggin actuary for x sakes!)