Interesting personalized license plates we've seen

Seen on Reddit:

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Something my right wing nut job BIL would have on his car.

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I was right behind it for a few miles, and yeah, it was very green.

Looking at various rear pics, sure, it can have been an M3 – it had a spoiler & other tricked-out features from the base model, because I can’t make it match. They had done something odd w/ the exhaust pipes

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tacky but relatable

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is he police?

Funny, but no. Looked to be a retired volunteer firefighter, also had a handicap tag.

Was it a Mustang?


On a Ford F-250.

Definitely not. Unsure of model, but it looked a little like a Pacer, but it wasn’t exactly that. Not is good condition either.

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From Reddit:

(In case anyone wondered: it’s a third party website seeking to raise funds to support the Trump campaign. Uncertain how much of the money you give it would actually make it to the Trump campaign…or to Trump’s legal bills. Website claims that funds go 90% to the campaign and 10% to the RNC, but…:person_shrugging: )


Not personalized but it makes me hungry:



This wasn’t a WTF or a police behaving badly story…so I’ll put it here.

If you’re going to have an interesting license plate, perhaps you want to make sure it’s unique among the various jurisdictions in North America.

OFFWHTE. On a black Dodge???

Interesting, my city is looking into getting a camera system that will be installed at the major entrances/exits from our city that will record license plates and pics of cars IIRC. Some other cities around us have it now. The cops can use it for “official” use only. So with certain prerequisites they can put in a license plate # and description and the system will alert them if it registers the vehicle. Other cities claim they have had quite a bit of success with this system in their cities. They want us to get it because we are a major throughway in and out of the area and there is hope that ours would catch even more.

ELEMENT, on a Honda Ridgeline


no cat in sight


GRNYMBL on an Audi S5 convertible. You go, granny.

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