Interested in ERM at a P&C company? A non-traditional actuarial role and no credential required

Our ERM team is looking for an experienced analyst to join. We are a team of non-traditional actuaries, CAT modelers and DnA professionals. If you’d like to explore what more an actuary can do than those you’ve learned from the actuarial exams, this job will probably interest you. If you are interested in studying catastrophe scenarios, both property and casualty, this is probably the job for you. This job does not require you to be a credentialed actuary, but it certainly requires business acumen and strengths in soft skills (in addition to technical skills).

We work from the headquarters of W.R. Berkley that supports its businesses across the world. If you don’t know much about us, I suggest you do a google search on its financial strengths and stock performance. I did not know much about it before joining, and the company has surprised and impressed me particularly with its people culture and growth opportunities.

I’m around the Greater New York City area and Stamford/Greenwich, CT area. Feel free to private message me as I’d also be happy to grab coffee with candidates who are interested in this role and would like to have a more casual conversation first.

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