Why? Because people don’t know how to calculate 2024 - 1996?

Twas a joke that according to that meme I have aged considerably

It doesn’t say it was written in 2024. Maybe Facebook of the future has the ability to send messages to the past. More scary is that means Facebook will still be around in 2038.


Hmmm, it’s been around for 20 years already although I think it was around 15-16 years ago that it really started to gain traction. Still, 2038 is only 14 years away. So Facebook might be more than halfway through its life span. Although I’m not precisely sure how one measures these things. Technically MySpace is still around.

In the revised timeline, Sarah Connor needs to blow this up before she takes out Skynet, though I might argue they’re one and the same.


It is.



Sadly, the deal is now Buy 2 Get 2 Free. I still succumbed. They may be trying to soften me to accept the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal but I think that will be a bridge too far.

They forgot the 10% of the time when we feel nothing, or is that 10% not OK?


I find it interesting that the outside is “And that’s okay” . . . implying that the inside part is “NOT ‘and that’s okay’”? I mean this is a Venn Diagram, right?


There wasn’t enough room for 33.3333333333% on the graph so they rounded

I would definitely request to be paid a half a month’s salary every two weeks if I was working at a Trump organization (if I was to be paid, that is).


They could have at least rounded to 33% which doesn’t really take any more space than 30%.