Buy 12 for $36 for just $8 more we ll enroll in our diet plan.

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Flight pricing is wild. Skiplagged made a whole business out of exploiting things like this, where a round trip is less than a one-way, or where you book a trip expecting to hop off at a stop along the way and never make it to what they think is your destination. Details below on that one, I remember all of the lawsuits flying over people doing these things.

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Yes, and I’ve heard of airlines canceling your return flight if it was a round trip if you do this, but, yeah, flight pricing is wild.

You can’t book round trip that way. One way only. And you can’t check luggage either or it will be checked to your fake final destination.

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7 laps = e miles?

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It’s the magic of compound interest


Gonna guess first one is rounded down, the second one is rounded up.
0 38 mile / lap?

It’d have to be like 0.385 to round to 1.2 miles.

I have doubts.

If 3 laps = 1.15 miles, then 1 lap = 0.38333333333333

Someone just “overlooked” the 8 and thought it looked like a 3, IMO.


at least this is just mislabeled units

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Firehouse sub pricing near my house. Not strictly innumeracy, but strange pricing if you ask me.

If you want to get a Steak & Cheese:
The first 4 inches costs $6.39 (includes fixed costs plus four inches of variable costs, of course)
The next 4 inches costs $2.40
The last 4 inches costs $5.00
if we convert those to SDF’s (Sub Development Factors) we get 1.00 / 1.38 / 2.16

Then there’s the Firehouse Hero. The small and medium are 30-40 cents more expensive than the Steak & Cheese but the large is $1.70 less, resulting in SDF’s of 1.00 / 1.34 / 1.78. The last four inches is again more expensive than the middle four inches.

The calorie counts do suggest that the last 4 inches of steak and cheese might be more like 5 inches. Maybe they have varying bread sizes - or is it just more innumeracy

I don’t think that the “fixed costs” for the L is the same for S/M. Do they just have one size (L) that is then cut down to M or S? My guess is that they have two sized: L and M, with the latter used to create 2 S’s.

Now it becomes how you control the demand for the sandwich–also working the supply of the other ingredients into the formulation. I don’t think you have very many other sandwiches using the steak, but lots of other sandwiches using roast beef, turkey, or ham.

Maybe it’s 4/6/12 inches?

Bring your Ruler next time you go.

4/8/12 seems the reasonable way to ass-u-me. Cut 4 inches for an S, there’s 8 inches left for an M. But, we don’t really know until you do some actual measuring.

Closest one to me is about 10 miles away, so unless I’m going that way, at or near lunch, with my ruler, you’ll have to do this.

If you look at the calorie counts, M = 2 x S. And L = M X (somewhere between 1.5 - 1.67)
So more likely 4/8/12 which a quick google search confirms.

So, you’ll be setting up your arbitrage scheme at a card table just outside?
Buying 8-in, selling each 4-in for, say, $5?

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looking at ratios of M and L to the calories for the S:

Steak sandwich: M = 2.024; L = 3.366

Hero: M = 1.975; L = 2.95

So it looks like they’re putting “more” stuff (incrementally speaking) on the L steak relative to the M.

That is, for each 1 oz of steak you’re getting on the S, you’re getting 2.024 oz. of steak on the M and 3.366 oz on the L.

You’re not getting 2x or 3x the “stuff” for the Hero.