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Alkaline limes? Methinks she is confusing the fruit with the mineral.

Also - is there a single thing that we eat these days that isn’t a man-made hybrid of some sort or other?

So many spelling errors. How can I take it seriously?

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Limes are also “man-made.”

They still grow in the ground.

I thought they grew on trees

When I make guacamole with limes, it goes off within a day; if I use lemons, it lasts much longer!!! :thinking: :tfh:

ETA: And obviously this lady has never had key lime pie - a Florida treat!!! :yum:

I believe all citrus fruits(except three) are man-made cultivars (or GMOs, if you want to scare people) derived recently from three base species.

This is one of my favorite botanical fact.
That and yhe many cultivars of the the species Brassica oleracea

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Sorry. FROM the ground. And some sunlight.

An awful lot of our vegetables are basically forms of cabbage that have been bred* to bring out different characteristics.

  • not sure if bred is the right word, but close enough
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Yup, that is Brassica oleracea

Everything is cabbage

I love cabbage!

We had roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower with dinner yesterday!!! :yum:

The limes in the original picture are not Key Limes. They look to be Persian Limes. Key limes are smaller and yellower.

I know.

  • cabbage, probably.
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