Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo

God what a waste of time. Trump is gone before the Senate can try him and the whole thing will be at best legally moot, if not legally impossible to continue. (Wording of the Constitution may not allow impeachment of ex-POTUS.)

I had hoped when Biden was elected that just maybe we could start to move on from the vengeance politics once he was sworn in. This hurts that possibility.

My understand is that it’s still possible to impeach him, which prevents him from holding public office against and removes as much as $1,100,000 annually in federal pension/travel expenses, and removes his lifetime Secret Service protection.

That last bit is the only part I don’t completely agree with. I don’t want him assassinated, just for him to fade into irrelevance.

Yep, I was hoping Trump would just fade into irrelevance and a handful of centrist senators would decide what legislation passes.

But, I can’t see ignoring the facts. I could list the things Trump has done since the election to overthrow our peaceful transition of power. I won’t because it’s long and you can write the list yourself. It culminates in a violent attack on the capitol while his loss is being certified. I think the other office holders should use the biggest club they’ve got to say that isn’t acceptable.

Somebody murdered a member of the capitol police. If we can find the culprit, there should be a trial and a sentence. That will be “divisive” in some quarters. But, we’re faced with a set of facts that force the issue. I think the same reasoning holds for Trump.

Yep. The big thing is that he can’t run for office again. IMO, that’s “just”.

It’s not politically expedient for the Ds because the R party is more likely to split if Trump thinks he’ll make a comeback in 2024. If McConnell votes for impeachment, I think it’s mostly because he wants to win the WH next time.

I certainly want the symbolism of him losing pension and office expenses. But, I think we have to give him Secret Service protection. I’m sure there are politicians in Iran, for example, that would love to assassinate him. We really can’t let that happen to former presidents.

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The guy committed sedition against the USA and you think it’s moot because he is about to leave office? A police officer was killed defending the US Capitol by a mob he incited…


Slight, possibly pedantic, point: he has been impeached. That is a done deal. Now it’s a question of being convicted by the senate.

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This, but I don’t think it is pedantic. It is such a simple concept that people seem so confused by. He has already been impeached. Impeachment occurs in the House and he was impeached twice. The first President in our history.

The trial occurs in the Senate and there is no reason the trial needs to occur while he is in office.

I just want to point out (because no one else is… to my surprise) that Trump is not merely the first President to be impeached twice… he’s the first person to be impeached twice. No other federal officer has ever been impeached twice either.

It’s not a pedantic point at all. I don’t believe that you can impeach an ex-President. (Nixon the day after he resigned, George Washington now as Lindsey Graham sarcastically suggested, etc.)

But you CAN impeach a sitting President (done) and then try him in the Senate after he leaves office.

Yes. I’m sure every single person on this forum was -really- looking forward to a day that we could wake up, and sip our coffee, and check the news, and it wouldn’t be all about the president saying/ doing/ tweeting some outrageous shit and dealing with all the consequences of that.

We all wanted to go back to the good old Obama/Clinton/Bush-era news cycle of non-news. Where we fret over debt ceilings and budgets and filibusters and DACA and gay wedding cakes, or else then some irs agent using a keyword search or Hillary’s emails or Hunter’s cocaine or whatever. In a basic sense, that’s what we voted for when we voted for Biden.

But it’s just not an option. Because ****ing trump can’t leave well enough alone. He has to do everything he can to stay on the front page. He’s a narcissist and a reality tv show celebrity, which means he can’t go quietly, he just has to make everything about himself, no matter what. And he did it by God, he did it. He convinced an angry mob to literally storm our capitol with a big dumb lie. Perfect season finale.

And it would be great to just ignore him, but of course we can’t ignore an attack on the United States and an attack on Democracy. It’s just too much. It’s just too far. If it had been a foreign government, it would be an Act of War. If it had been a private organization, it would be an Act of Terrorism…

Nor can we pretend he had nothing to do with it. Not when it was his lie. Not when he had invited the crowd and spoke to the crowd. He was their leader, even if he didn’t explicitly call for violence, he made it happen and let it happen. He spun the conspiracy that justified the coup, and shouted to the mob just before they charged.

It’s gross and sickening but sometimes you can’t just ignore the troll because the troll goes nuclear. (Hopefully not literally).


Oh, here’s a twist: some cray-cray Congresswoman (anti-masker) is going to file Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on January 21. I guess, just because.

She said her motivation is to stand up for the 75 million Americans who are “fed up with inaction” in government.

Um, OK. After one day, and not the past four years, you will NOW be fed up with inaction. Meanwhile, any action, like “hey, wear a mask, you idiot” is met with “MURICA!!”
And a tweet claims “abuse of power.” Well, is it inaction or abuse of power, you moron, after one day?

What worries me about the impeachment is that it will force a reckoning in the republican party, and the trump wing will win. And we will have a full party supporting fascism.

Even if the more moderate wing of the republicans win, there is still the constant danger in my opinion. This is caused by the fact that, in my opinion, their rhetoric on voting security by its very nature will tend again and again to this same argument of a stolen election. But at least this is only potential rather than actual.

Note I still think impeachment was the least bad of all the bad options.

I cannot state this clearly enough. I am not defending Trump. I had very low expectations of his behavior if he lost the election and he had failed to live up to any of them. What I am saying is that a Senate trial is a moot legal point and may not be allowed given the wording of the Constitution may require the Senate trial to be of a sitting official.

I also think it doesn’t help the country come together in any way. What does it say about the platform of the D-party that 74 million people voted for POS like Trump to get re-elected? Maybe there are some problems there? Maybe we need to talk to each other instead of giving each other middle finger through ever increasing dirty political moves?

It’s clearly not moot since he intends to run for office in 2024 and would be unable to if convicted.

This guy resigned before the impeachment vote (unanimous) occurred.

How very Chamberlain of you

She’s the QAnon one… If this is the worst thing she does, we’ll be lucky.

Note: He could be unable to run again if convicted. Conviction alone does not bar him from running again. They have to actually vote on that separately. Now if they got 67 votes for conviction then they could presumably also get 51 votes to bar him from running again, but it is a separate process.

But yes, impeachment is clearly not moot.

No. You are not defending Trump. You are defending the Republican party and the conservative news media. Both the GOP and conservative media are complicit in nearly all that Donald Trump did. Maybe if both came out with some form of atonement, some form of mea culpa with regard to their championing Trump and dismissing criticism of his actions there might be room to begin to move on. Without atonement there is no healing.

The 74.2 million Trump votes were still just 46.9% of the votes in 2020. I guess the slight increase from the 46.09% he got in 2016 is a positive, right? Yet, it still is less than the 81.3 million Biden votes in 2020, or 51.3% of voters. Those 81.3 million voters that had to fight through significant Republican voter suppression efforts deserve an uncompromised Democratic agenda. The GOP have run the country into the ground maybe it’s time to try a different group at the wheel.

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Yes, it’s definitely the Democratic platform at fault for Nazi propaganda spreading like wildfire throughout American. Certainly not due to the President who supports them, or the politicians who support the President.