IMO question

Okay I heard dues to the IMO are determined to be proportionate to the tonnage of the country’s flagged fleet. But I see that a whole bunch of ships are registered to obscure poor countries, notably Liberia which has 15% of registered ships. Does that mean their dues are massive or what, and if so how do they pay?

What does the International Math Olympiad have to do with shipping?



In my opinion, it has everything to do with it.

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IMO this thread can be used for all IMO questions. For example, how many members of the IMO reside in Imo?

Do they have Innovative Mobile Operations or Intelligent Machine Overlords?

IMO, we should go for Happy Hour soon!!! :beers:

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That could lead to some Inspirational Mentorship Opportunities

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Wouldn’t Liberia’s (for example) IMO registry fees be passed along to the ship owners that flag their ships in Liberia?

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