anyone use this on a Smart TV?

I have an IMDB ID.

they don’t seem to have a search button, only scrolling through available movies which is a pain.

I then went to Internet, put in the IMDB website and brought up the movie. But wouldn’t play it that way either, kept asking to load the IMDB App, which was loaded.

was also available on TUBI, but the commercials are annoying

I use it but I search through Amazon. So Little House on the Prairie is available on IMDB but if I search for it on Amazon it points me to IMDB, on both my Roku and my Fire tv.

I can find the movie, I just can’t access the movie

Hm yeah I don’t have that issue. When I select the show on Amazon Prime it takes me right to the option to play it on IMDB. I don’t recall ever creating a login for IMDB either.

interesting, I use Prime as well, will have to see if I search for something I know is only on IMDB


from IMDB, confirms your response.

The IMDb TV app does not have search functionality at this time. However if you have access to the Prime Video app on your Smart TV, you’re welcome to use both the search and watchlist features on the Prime Video app to view and stream titles available on IMDb TV.

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