I'm old and cannot keep up with today's music

Well, this has always been the case with old people, but now I’m one of them (have been for decades it seems).

Anywho, I check my morning newspaper, printed on paper, and the Sports section has a paid advertisement “reporting” Slim Shady’s death!
So, I’m obviously not up-to-date with whatever M&M is advertising these days. So, he’s “killing off” his character or something?
I’ll check the internet for more “news” about this, but if any of you young whippersnappers are in the know, help an old guy to understand.
And, get off of my lawn.

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OK, internet tells me what’s up. New Album. OK.

Did Eminem actually promote that he was dead or does he just have an album/song named Death of Slim Shady?

Because an actual death hoax and I lose most of my respect for him. News running stupid with it, I don’t care about the outlets who would do such.

OP says paid advertisement but I’m making sure.

Not himself. His creation.
Like Frankenstein and his monster, I think.

It’s Eminem, not the candy. “The Real Slim Shady” is a song from 2000. Were you so old in 2000 that you couldn’t keep up with music then either (added for dramatic effect, you already answered this in the OP)?

Seems like a reasonable way to promote a new album where he was killing off the young cocky asshole of his early career and moving towards old crotchety asshole like OP.

I bet his favorite car has a manual transmission and physical AC buttons.

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No, I know it is MBM (middle name Bruce). That was just for fun.

Whoa, language! Crotchety and old, sure…

Of course it does.