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For those that have been involved with life quoting systems, can you give me a ballpark as to what your company paid for the software?
I have these numbers, but they’re way out of date.

Way too much and a sizeable portion of my soul.

I really think the most important thing is to ask about maintenance / customizability from the home office. Many vendors will not give you any flexibility to make changes directly to configuration or to add products on your own, then charge an arm and a leg to make the simplest of changes. My most famous example (and I will not name names, sorry): a vendor I used to work with charged us over $500 to simply change the address that appeared on an illustration. OTOH, there are vendors out there that allow you to add products, customize forms/reports, push to production directly from a maintenance tool. This is extremely useful.

Otherwise, you also want to think about future integrations with electronic application solutions and possibly even your life admin system. An ideal approach would be straight through processing, though this always seems very pie-in-the-sky.

I cannot stress due diligence enough. The process of selecting a vendor should take a very long time if done correctly.

Thanks for the feedback!

Q2. Is there substantial value in:

  • having control over who has access to the quotes, i.e. user identification and reporting
  • having data/reporting on quotes being run by users, and connecting that to sales?

I thought you were going to ask if any of us knew how to draw.

I thought you’d be the OP by the thread title.

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