If you got picked for a Trump jury trial

Could you truthfully say you would be unbiased if selected as a juror in one of the Trump trials?

  • Yes
  • No
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I thought it was interesting that 50+ people were dismissed early due to self reported bias, and 9 sticking around but not yet on the jury. Seems like a surprisingly good self evaluation by the jury pool. I’m thinking the ones that one side or the other absolutely do not want on the jury may not give a good self evaluation here

I could truthfully say it but I’d lie and say i couldnt so i didnt get death threats afterward.


I would openly disclose that I think Trump is a grifter and a con man. I am also a data guy and believe I can decide a case based on facts in evidence and the law and put my bias aside. This should get me tossed.


My poll didn’t contemplate this answer. Curious how you voted given this answer.

i hate the man, but i think i can judge in an ubiased manner if proper evidence is presented


I didn’t vote

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Trump, and the GOP that have so gleefully and completely gotten behind him, threaten the very foundation of our constitutional, rule of law based government. I could and would objectively measure his guilt or innocence based on the facts presented at a trial as to do otherwise would be to give into the same corruption he represents.


If i say i believe in the rule of law and equal justice i would be compelled to do my best to follow the instructions of the judge. I can’t say for sure i’d be impartial, but i’d try my best. The trial isn’t about whether he should be president again.

GoA has a lot more faith in their collective impartiality than a NY jury pool


Well, it’s a little more hypothetical here.

I think i can be impartial enough.

I think id be dq’d by some of the questions answered (donated money to some campaigns before).

Yeah if faced with a two month trial on jury pay I’d be tempted to lie and say I couldn’t be impartial if my employer wasn’t paying me my regular pay.

Most actuarial employers would, but at a population level an awful lot of employers won’t. It was a problem when I was on a jury.

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I think it’s highly likely some people think they are unbiased but aren’t.

Not me, of course :roll_eyes:

No one else on this thread either, absolutely :roll_eyes:


I would be able to recognize my bias, but would not desire to be unbiased in such a situation, and probably couldn’t sit there without any bias for months or even weeks on end, so no.

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I think this is part 1, knowing one has a bias. Part 2 is doing one’s best to not let that bias impact your deliberations. Say a less famous but known to me person goes on trial and i disclose properly in jury selection. Do i automatically believe/disbelieve all their testimony because of prior experience with them, or do i weigh what is presented independently?

I think of it like a doctor and empathy. A good doctor is able to distance themselves from the patient emotionally. That does not mean the doctor does not have empathy. In the case of the doctor patient relationship too much empathy from the doctor clouds the doctor’s judgement and creates long term emotional trauma or burnout. To be objective as possible a good juror needs to be emotionally distant from the proceedings.


Put “no”.

I have an assumption he’s guilty of at least some of the charges. It’s possible that some charge was overreach or that he was actually innocent of one of them, and I’d like to believe I could judge fairly, but I don’t know. Despite an active attempt to avoid bias, I think I would be seeking sufficient evidence that he is innocent rather than sufficient evidence he’s guilty.

I would try, but my feelings toward the man involve words like disgust and revulsion, so I gotta put no.


Probably. I’m an obsessive rules monkey, who spends a lot of time picking apart my own team.

Also, my prejudice is that he’s a huge fucking asshole, which will be obvious in court anyway.

Oh this is good to know. Last time I was up for duty I was just vaguely assuming a month without pay…