ICA - International Congress of Actuaries

Is anyone attending ICA 2023 or attended a previous version? It’s on in Sydney next month. I had not heard of it but apparently it’s held every 4 years or so (2018 was in Berlin).

Went to one many years but wouldn’t spend the money to go again. A bit like Davos for actuaries.

It was held in conjunction with the CAS ratemaking seminar in DC 9 years ago. I went to the ratemaking seminar and took advantage of a couple of sessions that were joint between the two shindigs, and they were interesting.

I had thought about going to the one in Berlin 5 years ago, taking my wife and making a vacation out of it. However, the cost to register for even partial attendance was quite high, and the hotel didn’t seem conducive to the kind of “touristing” my mobility-constrained wife would enjoy. Had it been closer to die Mitte…

I’ll probably sign up for mailings for the 2026 ICA in Tokyo and consider it as an excuse for a vacation there, akin to what I had considered for Berlin.

I just signed up for the mailing list on their website (https://ica2026.org/).

The dates coincide with my wife’s 50th birthday. Since she’s had a fascination with all things Japanese and wanted to go to Tokyo since she was a teenager…despite her mobility issues, I think it’s probable that my next “big actuarial meeting” will be this one.