I tried some fruit called yuzu

it was kind of like a lemon, but like, it wasn’t

I thought yuzu was just pomelo

I like yuzu sauce.

I ate an Asian Pear once…it taste mostly like a pear except with the crispness of a good apple.

4/5 stars-would eat again (and I did! Literally!)

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this is the pear I grew up knowing.

when I ate the weird soft pear of the west I was like…dafuq

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Why even still make those? I mean, the moment they discovered/grew/invented/bioengineered the Asian pear, the whole world should’ve acknowledged its superiority and outlawed what I refer to as “the original”.

A coop student gave me a box of Fuji apples as a gift at the end of their term. 5 stars, best apple ever. If you haven’t had a fuji apple before, you owe it to yourself to rush out and buy one right now.

Honey Crisp or GTFO

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Fuji> honey crisp. Win by a small margin.

Honey crisp is the best, but Fuji and Braeburn are good. Red delicious is trash,

is fuji not common in US supermarkets? I thought I see them often. I still usually choose honey crisp though

I have no idea why other types of apples are even sold.

No, it is actually a hybrid between mandarian orange and Ichang papeda

I actually am not that familiar with papeda, down the wiki rabit hole for me now…

Red Delicious is good for about one week out of the year. Otherwise, :iatp: It should be discontinued as a cultivar.

Fuji & Honey Crisp get the :+1:

Also :+1: is the new apple on the block, Cosmic Crisp.

Interesting. I used to go to a grocery store that had a ridiculous variety of apples. Pretty sure I have tried an Enterprise but don’t remember it. Unfortunately I haven’t found a place like that in the new city. Maybe I’ll get lucky and that one will become more common and make it to me.

honeycrisp > fuji IMO.

I like macintosh, but that’s about a month a year.

red delsih is the awfullest. permanently mealy

Sweetango is a newer apple variety that’s pretty good, but only available in the fall.

Super duper fresh red delicious apples are fine, but usually they are mealy and gross.

I usually buy honeycrisp.

Crimson crisp doesn’t have the marketing budget that cosmic crisp has, but it’s better. It’s a terrific apple. It also keeps amazingly well.

Citrus genetics are apparently incredibly complicated and confusing.

I’ve had yuzu-flavored stuff, but I’ve never seen the fresh fruit. It’s delicious, though.

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There are a lot of European pears that have richer flavor than any of the Asian pears I’ve eaten. I think of Asian pears as weirdly bland apples.