I’m hosting trivia. Help me with some STEM questions

Help me out creating fun questions for my trivia hosting. The more controversial the better. People that play here argue that they’re right and can prove it. Fcuk that. My game, I’m right, no points for you!

July 27th at Apocalypse Ale Works 7:00 pm

5 questions per round, except Round 5, as it is traditionally called “Name 10” in the format.
2 points per question (I may throw some half-pointers in here - although that might throw the chances at getting a tie breaking question more difficult), except round 5 where each right answer is a point

Topic STEM
Round 1: Virginia Dept of Ed 4th grade exam prep (Hope you’re smarter than a 4th grader)
Round 2: Maths geek
Round 3: Enginerding
Round 4: SCIENCE!!!
Round 5: Name 10

Also need about 1-2 tiebreaker questions per round if there is a point tie. These are usually very obscure questions that have a lot of range. Like “what is the distance, in miles, that voyager 1 is from the earth”. I am committed to the round names.

The trivia format here I really enjoy. Every round the winners gets a bag of chips or candybar. At the end the brewery gives $gift card. I may throw in something else as well from my employer.

Associate some songs / memes that could give a hint to the answer or make it more difficult to think of the right answer

I also get to introduce myself and make up funny stories and beer memes. I’m thinking since I have a heavy WI accent that I can have fun with that as well. Like “Kenosha Kid.” “You Betcha”. There’s a bubbler over there…. I seriously just want to mess with people the entire time.

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Will Beertender Lady be there??? :popcorn:

Breadmaker, asking the important questions.


She’s a consistent host. And she’s already liked my FB post about hosting. I’d say there is a good chance she’ll be there.

I got the “my game, my rules, no points for you” from her hosting attitude. She tells people that argue with her to basically go fcuk off. Sooo attractive!


what is the 10th decimal of tau? (hint: tau = 2*pi)

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Round 1 VDOE 4th grade

Round 2 Maths geek

Round 3 Enginerding

Imma gonna assume that VDOE is “Virginia Dept Of Education” for Round 1 . . .

I think the following might be a good “name 10” list:

A tie-breaker question?

  • Assuming that the Continuum Hypothesis is true, which is larger: \aleph_1 or \beth_1? Neither, under the Continuum Hypothesis, these values are equal
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Q1: Which list of these contains a word that is not in the periodic table of elements:

A. Aluminum_Platinum_Bismuth_Niobium
B. Calcium_Flourine_Sulfur_Tennessine
C. Caesium_Erbium_ Harmonium _Tin
D. Krypton_Helium_Plutonium_Copper

Harmonium, also called Reed Organ, free-reed keyboard instrument that produces sound when wind sent by foot-operated bellows through a pressure-equalizing air reservoir causes metal reeds screwed over slots in metal frames to vibrate through the frames with close tolerance.

Q Tie breaker: (In his voice) This character from the simpsons can only be described as one of the smartest people in his universe with insurmountable knowledge muhuy. What is my name?

Round 5 Top 10

Each round id like to mimic something/one as well. Like the SCIENCE round I’ll talk like the science guy from the Simpsons, have Stephen hawking ask a question, etc

Here’s a piece of trivia: a fluke is one of the most common fish in the sea. So if you go fishing for a fluke, chances are, you just might catch one.


People do like points. I think 2/10 would be a mind assplode for people to get better than. Lol.

e and pi would most likely be guessed. It’s be miserable for me to google search the rest due to the fact that there could be infinitely many of these. Lol. Back to the rules. So we’d have to set up rules for variants. Cause e^2 is also transcendental (I think)

Even knowing that “combinations” of those two would also be transcendental? e.g., e^\pi,\ \pi^e

But this could be easily converted to a tie breaker Q as well.

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You have to remember that while it should be tough, people still like points. So I can’t have a lot of teams having < 30 points out of 50. I don’t want the brewery to lose customers because of me. I want to be entertaining and be asked back

33% of the reason I am doing this is to impress a woman too. 33% Free beer, 33% something to do, 1% Free beer


What is the 3-D version of a Möbius strip called? A Klein bottle Perhaps a Round 3 Q?

Name 10 mathematicians. (Maybe qualify this with “born before the 20th century”?)

Round 2 question: What is the highest degree for a polynomial for which a closed-form solution exists for all roots of that polynomial? Fourth

Round 4 question: Velocity is a measure in the change of position, and acceleration is a measure in the change of velocity. What is the measure in the change in acceleration called? the jerk; note that “jolt”, “surch” and, “lurch” should be acceptable as well.

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Big fan @Vorian_Atreides. I really appreciate your help.

Hey! You asked just for ideas; not good ideas. :nerd_face:

As I said, you can convert the “name 10” item to a “tie-breaker” item (“Name a transcendental number”.)

At any rate; I figure that having some ideas to start from is far better than trying to go it all from scratch.

As for Round 1:

Have a few “what’s the answer according to the usual order of operations”?

  • 5 + 2 * 6 17
  • 6 + 6 ^2 42

Also have a few “complete the Pythagorean Triple”:

  • 3, 4, ___ 5
  • ___, 12, 13 5
  • 7, ___, 25 24
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What do you mean by “could be”?