I guess this is me now

It’s Saturday night. I spent it cooking grilled cheese and tomato soup, playing Magic the Gathering, watching Welcome to Wrexham, cleaning the dishes, and now about to head to bed at 10:15 and read until I fall asleep.

What a life.

I Guess This Is Me Now Jim Jeffries GIF

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i saved the dishes for sunday. bc saturday is all about the fun

grilled cheese and tomato soup seems like acid reflux mega combo, gotta pair it with some alcohol to make it a triple threat

ok, so a Bloody Mary and grilled cheese

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I’ve always thought that cubes of grilled cheese would make for an excellent Bloody Mary garnish. Celery can gtfo.

The thought of tomato juice grosses me out.

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got up at 7 am
read a book for 30 minutes
writing practice
ran for almost 2 hours
watched son at bowling
watched Jim Jeffries special - laughed a lot
went to dinner with the kids
had my weekly writers’ group meeting with friends
drank a glass of wine and watched some YouTube videos
load of laundry

middle age ain’t so bad, I guess.

this used to be me. then i rationalized that I like raw tomato. i like salsa and fresh pico. i like tomato sauce on pizza or pasta.

so i tried a v8 (reg and spicy) and then some bloody mary mix and discovered i liked them too. the texture did take some adjusting to

The only good thing about flying is the can of Bloody Mary mix.

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that is the thing, not flavor

a great option for me when I am drinking neither alcohol or caffeine

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this is me

maybe this is my future?

It’s a rare night where I am not in bed at 10:30. Latest exception: Saturday, the neighbors came over for a few drinks and Scrabble/Trivial Pursuit. They left at 11:15.

I would go to bed a 9 or 9:30, but my wife never wants to.

curious why this stops you from doing so. back when i had a wife, it would have been much more rare to “go to bed” at the same time than not.

If I fall asleep before she comes in, I’ll wake up when she does and it’ll wreck my already terrible sleeping patterns.