"I got vaccinated" flair

If you want to add an ‘I got vaccinated’ flair to your user icon, its now possible.
Click on the hamburger icon top right beside your user icon.
Select groups.
Find the “I Got Vaccinated” group and join it. You should see a syringe show up in the bottom right of your user icon in posts.


Please reconsider. Social media is already bad enough with people bragging about being vaccinated that it’s incredibly stressful for those of us that are looking at months until we are eligible. If you get vaccinated, good for you, but there is no need to announce it.


Well I was testing it. It’s a bit ugly though. Looks like an editing pen instead of a syringe.

testing…oh, I see it…ah, yes, in the user icon, just like you said.

Ping Serena on this for a decision please. It was requested, I implemented, there wasn’t any discussion.

anyway to make it…not square? like, just the circular makes it so much prettier

@Serena see above please

If we keep this, then yeah, I can have a better image made. This was just something I grabbed off the net to get it going.

I have been finding it encouraging to see that a lot of people actually ARE getting vaccinated. I was a lot more anxious before I started seeing lots of friends actually getting the vaccine. What stresses me out are all the stories of people who are “eligible” but unable to find an appointment.

YMMV, of course. But I like the idea of vaccination flair.


I think it’s going to open up soon for everyone, and maybe it won’t bother you then.

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The badge was requested. If you want it let me know.

I don’t view it as bragging. I’m encouraged by the enthusiasm.

Also - if you can get to Phoenix - doesn’t matter from where - you can volunteer to work at a vaccination site - and your compensation for working a shift (directing traffic, checking people in, you don’t have to be medical personnel) is a shot.

I know a handful of people who have done this. You’ll have to make two trips for the booster. But it’s a way to legitimately jump the line.

Is there at least a way to turn off user flairs from being displayed?

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Nope, I don’t think so.

I also like the flair. Makes me happy to see someone say they are vaccinated as their chances of getting it drop. I won’t be eligible until general availability, but that just means more people who need it more than me are getting it. Makes me feel good.


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