I got into Harvard

Last week I walked onto the campus of Harvard and then I left and did other stuff in Boston.


Somebody told me it’s actually in some other city called Cambridge which makes no sense to me because it looks exactly like B-town.

Why doesn’t it just get annexed or something.

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A small concession to the British, IMO.

were you in allston?

Whatston? Eastern Massachusetts is just Boston to me.

Did you park your car in Harvard Yard?


Hibernophobia, snobbishness, and New England attitudes promoting loyalty to one’s town over metropolitan areas, counties, states, etc.

A related article from the Boston Glob: Welcome to Megaboston - The Boston Globe

I forget which scifi novel I read many years ago that had the BostonAtlantaMetropolitanAxis as a unit of government.

Well, I live in the Hamlet of Croton Falls which is in the Town of North Salem.

so figure that one out

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Probably cost you an arm and a leg…hope you qualified for financial aid.

Parking cost an arm and a leg so while I was walking around I had my dad keep driving until I was ready to go.

With gas prices the way they are in the Northeast!?!? Did you do the proper CBA?

All I’m saying is that I had to go see about a Harvard.

Is that the right way to use that idiom I dunno

I am not a southie

A tale of two salems

Blurst of

RN. :laughing: