I don't get the Israel thing

If Israel wants the West Bank so bad, why don’t they just buy it like normal people do? I thought they got lots of money from other countries so…

Sure, price is 9999999999999999999999999999999999999

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See I myself am looking for a condo and I find it easier to get a mortgage than to fire a rocket at an apartment. Plus the second option would result in a ruined apartment.

Same idea with Ukraine, dunno why Putin didn’t just trade oil for Crimea

Good question. Why doesn’t he? That’s how we got southern Arizona.

I mean mostly we have that area because we fought Mexico in a war

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Why buy what’s yours?


I’m not arguing that the mindset is correct so much as providing an answer to the question posed.

I agree that some will opt for a more immediate transaction of just buying their stolen goods from the pawn shop (rather than wait through the legal proceedings to recover it); but very rarely does “personal expectations” rise to the level of “national attitude” of national leaders.

not for much longer

if a bully came and took your sandwich, would you buy it back from him?

I thought Israel was the bully

they’ve been murdering each other for 5000 years. Both are bullies

Can’t they just work together on some land reclamation projects so there’s more of it for everyone?

Yes! If you and Jared Kushner can put your brilliant minds together, you could solve it!

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I still think money is the easiest way to peace

I agree. These people…

But you’re talking about two cultures that has a view (more or less) that this is a root of evil.

Well one side charges interest, and the other side doesn’t?

Does it cancel out…probably doesn’t.

Paying tribute has been a well used strategy throughout history…

This is all assuming you only need to buy it once, right? There have been cases where people bought land from 3 different Arab groups that laid claim to it. Paid 3 times over.

I think he was referring to the Gadsden Purchase.