I don't get affirmative action hate

I hear people get pissed off about affirmative action because they think there’s a limited number of seats in school, like if some kid takes a spot it deprives another deserving student of that spot or whatever.

Yo, last time I checked there was a surplus of PhDs from prestigious schools who can’t find teaching jobs and wind up taking jobs that they didn’t need the PhD for. Since there so many of them why don’t we just make the schools bigger, put those PhDs to work so everyone who has the aptitude to get taught and has the money to do so can just pay for it.

I mean how hard is Stewart Calculus anyway, just pop that book open, hire an unemployed PhD, and stop whining about it.

“the solution to gun violence is more guns”


I’m not getting. You see, if people are clamoring for more seats, why don’t we just add more seats. It would be a problem if there weren’t enough qualified teachers but with the PhD surplus it seems like schools could make more money if they just expanded.

Like if a person walks into a McDonald’s and buys a burger I don’t all of a sudden raise my fist in the air and say that I was unfairly deprived of a burger from an undeserving person, I can just go in and get my own burger.

Why can’t school be like that? What makes something like balancing chemical equations, for which there are already millions of books out there for, be so contentious and scarce to teach?

The world needs ditch diggers too

Nah, as human capital increases, the price of ditch diggers would eventually increase to the point where automation is viable. That’s why we don’t have phone operators anymore.

need more asians in the NBA

my solution: if an asian player makes a basket it’s worth 3 pts. If from long range then 4 pts


I loved getting “you do math really well for a girl” awards

At least some of them came with money.

Those I REALLY liked.

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Now do it with scholarship opportunities.

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You’re right, marginalized community members receive less scholarship dollars proportionate to the general population than non-marginalized community members, we should increase the dollars to marginalized communities.

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I guess we can talk about college costs but that is a separate issue. Do people really have to fight over who gets to read Homer? I mean what’s so special about it that it needs to cost 50 thousand bucks and give people anxiety over not being able to get a job cause you didn’t go to school and thus didn’t read the poem even though you didn’t really need to pay that much to read the poem anyway.

It’s just a poem. Did the job really need to you know who the main characters of the Illiad were? Might as well just replace it with watching all seasons of Friends, and quiz them over who the actors are. It’s just entertainment.

OMG. You can’t get this job without Homer. D’oh.

I’m not sure who gets them but no one cares about affirmative action in admission to public universities. They care when it comes to things like scholarships or seats to prestigious universities. In other words when it means something as opposed to just something that is easy to get. Likewise no one is complaining about affirmative action in hiring right now because anyone can get a job.

I also don’t get why we need affirmative action. Just print more copies of Homer or better yet just dump a truckload of USBs containing all the books you’ll ever need to succeed into every poor community and call it a day.

it ain’t about what you know. it’s about who you know

if anyone can go to harvard, harvard degree would be worthless (or the same value of a library card)

welcome to the real world bro

Didn’t some dude at Google get fired for some rant about diversity a few years back

Sure, but we can’t all be ditch diggers. That would cause the economy to collapse. We need some folks to be ditch fillers.

Fisher v UT seems to say someone cares about it…enough to make it to SCOTUS.

SCOTUS also agreed to hear a case about University of North Carolina’s admission program (as well as a lawsuit against Harvard’s).

At least from legal standpoint, admissions seem to be a much larger issue than scholarships. I haven’t really heard about any real complaints about scholarships (outside this thread).

I saw that, she didn’t really seem to have the chops if you wanna go by her SAT score. But I don’t see that as too big of a deal since you can just take some extra community college classes and if you do well enough you can transfer in.

Like any well-adjusted adult you just look at where your weak points are, improve them, and try again. What’s so hard about that? It’s not like she was barred from the school forever.

I have a problem with both college admissions and scholarships. There are plenty of colleges that only offer “need-based” scholarship money. The need-based formulas are arbitrary. College (out-of-state or private) is freaking expensive.

Scholarships are dumb. Paying too much attention to those distracts from the deeper issues causing education costs to spiral out of control.