I am once again asking you

Gonna finish my masters in November. I’m gonna need a new challenge to fill my time. I have two things I’m thinking of, but don’t think I can do both.
One is finish up my asa. Second idea is to run a volunteer course for local high school students to prepare them for the Euclid entrance math test for the university of Waterloo.

  • Finish asa
  • Volunteer tutoring/course
  • I am sl’s spouse. How about you take a break and get some jobs done around the house.

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I believe that ASA is worthless to you career wise. You helping the potential UWaterloo kids or your wife will be more fulfilling. JMO.

I don’t remember your background, but I second that actuarial science is stupid and pointless.

Getting my ASA was near the very bottom of my so called accomplishments in life.

I’ve started work on a sideline of my business where an ASA would be recognizable for the work I’m doing. So that’s maybe a consideration. Though I already have the experience, I think an ASA would provide some cred.

And the ASA is by far the most challenging of the three.
I dunno, I’m conflicted. Maybe I run the tutoring jan-april, then start studying. insert why not both meme. If I do the tutoring, then I’m increasing my volunteering and community involvement as well.

OTOH, studying for asa is more flexible.

I could go around in circles for days. Maybe leaning towards asa, as that’s been unfinished business for decades, as was the undergrad and masters degree.

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Why do you want the ASA? What will you do with beyond have continuing education expenses and annual dues to retain?

Well, I actually like it. I enjoy the challenge, and I actually like learning the math. Just not as a career.

Don’t @ me for my hobbies. There’s others here that are just as bad.

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Same thing as I’m doing with my undergrad degree in actsci, and my masters degree. Nothing. And, everything - Sort of a bucket list thing.

It’s not like I’m going to start watching TV in the evening. Now apparently there’s a show where a 500lb man kills a kid by sitting on him or something. Thanks, I’ll study lifecon instead.

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Lol, this thread is you asking us which hobby is better. The answer is objectively: the other one.

Anyhoo, I’m not dissing a math education. Math is beautiful and amazing. And science is as well. Just actuarial science is the lamest of all the pretend sciences.


Even with the ASA curriculum, I suspect you’d miss out on a lot of the fun by having to memorize a lot of stuff, and work on spitting out answers quickly. Which is just not a good way to do math.

Has ASA become harder in the last few years? I notice it is now 6 exams (the same number as ACAS).

Well, that’s different then. I’m changing my vote — ASA all the way.

how close are you to ASA?

Not entirely sure since I’ve been through so many changes and lost some credits through the years. Ive got p and FM, all the vees and I think srm. I think that leaves a couple core ones like ltam and fam and then a bunch of modules. And I’ve seen all that material either in my undergrad, or I’ve passed previous exams that contained some of the material on the exams bit lost credit through the years as exams were combined or split.
I’d have to call the soa to get it sorted out.
Best guess 2 years to get it.

I feel like this thread is not complete without the picture

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Here’s the latest pathway. I believe you have a choice between LTAM or STAM now -

Yeah, it’s changed and is likely changing again?
I think from that I need FAM, PE, and LTAM/STAM, then the e-learning things.

I tried to register for an elearning module last year when I had some free time but the system wouldn’t allow me to register because my courses are so screwed up after this many years.

Personally (I’m on the CAS side so doesn’t apply), the Predictive Analytics exam looks like it could be fun and contain some useful information.

It used to be. Not anymore.

The ASA will be a long journey, and imo not rewarding enough for the effort. I would lean toward volunteering, because that’s more aligned with my own interests. But it sounds like you’re really sold on the ASA, and if it’s going to leave you with regrets by not pursuing it, then there is probably nothing that could talk you out of it.