I am Colonel Smoothie, AMA

Hey everyone! Ask me anything!


How’s your Thursday?

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I guess this place will have to do.
Needs more Exam sections, obviously.
Not digging the format, either.
And, will need an Ignore feature.

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Wow…underscores…very ugly rendition of your name.

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Click on your user icon, top right.
Click on preferences.
Click on users on rhs.
Click the add button.

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It does take some getting used to. Lots of nice mod features though. IDK if “ignore” is an option. I know mods can “silence” or boot users pretty easily.

Also, grumble grumble boomer change is bad grumble grumble. This isn’t what I’m used to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Give it a try (please). The platform is way better than vbulletin. And there’s some community moderation possibilities as well. I think you’ll like it once we get over the newness.
It was the best of the available options anyway.

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yes, I was sad that I had to use an underscore. no spaces allowed :frowning:

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The interface isn’t as bad as what facebook did, at least. :wink:

I’m looking for this setting and not funding it. I’ll find out. This software has some very nice anti-spam features and limits new users a little. I’ve tried to override most of those at least for now.

Ask you anything. ok. So when I show up in your home one night and you hear the scritch scritch scratch. You get out of bed, 'cause the smell compels you, you find me standing in that hard to reach corner scratching symbols into the wall and bleeding onto the floor, Do you ask me about the symbols or ask to help with the wounds or do you do something else that turns out bad for you?

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I dunno I’m still getting used to the interface. I have a follow up question, does this site have friend requests?

any way the replies can just be under the post replied to and not repeat themselves again after it?

That should go away by itself once you reach trust level 1 or something. Shouldn’t take long.

Meh. For a while I was posting both on the AO and on a Discourse board. Discourse has some nice features, but it has some things I really don’t like. I suppose one issue with the Discourse board I used is that the admin killed some of the nicer features… So maybe I’ll like this instance more. But I find Discourse disorienting. If I want to return to a thread it can be hard to find. I just seems … slippery, and hard to navigate.

The quoting works really well, though.

When were you promoted from Major Smoothie?

I was never a major. I started as general and then got demoted to colonel.

Too bad I never had the chance to read your posts on General Actuarial