Hurricane Ian

Possibly even by just thinking it

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Cuba also got hit pretty hard, though the eye was pretty far west of Havana. It looks like Pinar del Rio is in terrible shape, no power, telephones hit and miss. Many homes in Cuba aren’t built to any sort of standard to survive this kind of storm. My friend in Havana says they have water but parts of the city are without power.

My son texted me a pic where Gov. De Santis had “bussed” Hurricane Ian so that it would be going to Martha’s Vineyard . . .


You have a “friend” in Havana?

“I was gambling in Havana, I took a little risk.
Send lawyers, guns and money-- Dad, get me out of this”

–Warren Zevon


Yeah, the peak surge wasn’t in NO, but coastal MS, which was devastated. You P&C folks probably have a much better understanding of it, but a 25’ surge doesn’t necessarily spare anything above elevation 26’, but can travel miles inland depending on topography.

Glad to see worst case for Tampa has been avoided. Hopefully loss of life and damage will be much less than feared.

At the moment, forecast track and projected landfall looks very similar to Charley. While both were Cat 4, Ian is much bigger and is moving much more slowly. Charley was the second most costly hurricane in US history when it hit in 2004, but is 15th on the list now (all in 2022 dollars)

Today we find that the storm has increased in intensity AND is moving really darn slow. This is going to devastate the gulf coast areas.

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the slow moving is super bad for the rainfall totals. are they thinking 12inches, 24, or more?

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Looks and sounds like it could be ugly.

Just learned that eyewall replacement is a thing, and it apparently happened overnight, so the wind footprint has expanded. Charley’s entire hurricane wind footprint apparently would fit inside Ian’s current eyewall.

Tallahassee yesterday looked to be spared, but the strengthening means their tropical storm watch has been changed to a warning, i.e., they will be hit with 40+ mph winds & rain.

Really this has been an extremely weird year.

The least active start to a hurricane season in 30 years.

I’m having supper tonight with Ian refuges. They had planned to visit something in this area next week, and decided to batten the hatches on their house and head up this week, instead. They are staying at a nearby hotel.

This is looking ugly.


Yes it is. Glad it did not hit Tampa directly but it’s going to do a ton of damage in a wide area.


Ian is a false flag. never happened.

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There. are. 4. lights.

It seemed to not be so bad, but in near-hindsight it looks worse than originally predicted… but maybe that’s just what it’s like post-hurricane?

Round 2 coming up tomorrow for Geor…South Carolina

I heard that it was as huge as Trump’s ego . . . and maybe a bit smaller