How to watch current Jeopardy

If I miss a current episode, how can I watch it if I do not have a DVR?

What is “find a friend that has a DVR”?

What is “Just review the questions on”?

What is “Check out the on-demand service of you cable provider”?

Not available on Fios.

What is “switch to internet-only FIOS service, and look into streaming providers that have the appropriate local station and DVR capability”?

I haven’t looked in a long time, but are there Jeopardy! torrents out there?

You can find some days on YouTube. Not sure if all days are available.

Too soon after Alex Trebek’s death for me to resume watching Jeopardy.

UPDATE: we upgraded our cable modem and we got new set-top boxes with a DVR in one. I know record them every day. Most times we watch “live,” but if we miss one we can always catch up.

How much does that set you back per month?
Also, TiVo still exists, and you pay it off in three years from the monthly fee for the DVR. Interface is way better (IMO). Had mine for at least 10 years.
(Honestly there HAS to be a less expensive way, cloud-based or such that one can watch whatever has ever been on TV. Guessing it is more of a copyright issue.)

Also, old episodes are apparently on Pluto TV.

I was having problems with my router. it was old they told me. They upgraded everything to current models and the dvr on the main box is standard. Nothing extra. I think the boxes are $8 a month.

We’ve watch the Pluto ones. They are mostly the season opening shows going back to (Trebek) season one. A few years there are two or three other episodes. Downside, there’s commercials that you cannot skip.

Yup. Hate them. I don’t think we watch ANYTHING live anymore at home. TiVo has a 30-second skip button, a FF button, and for SOME recorded shows you can skip all the commercials with one button (not sure if this is a TiVo thing or a TiVo+show thing). For this last one, for one of the Super Bowls, if you recorded it, this button allowed you watch ONLY the commercials.

TiVo is the main reason we still have cable. I need to actuarialize the expenses, comparing cable to the alternative of several streaming services.

I like general cable because often I don’t know what I want to watch and it’s still enjoyable to flip thru the channels to see if anything catches my eye.

One such show won me some money (well a gift card).

During trivia night: “Jeremy Wade is the host of what extreme fishing show on Animal Planet.”

The day before, I randomly stopped on “River Monsters” on AP and watched for a few mins. I didn’t know the host’s name, but I figured it was a better answer than nothing. I was right! The question was worth 6 points and we won by 4.

$25 gift card tot he bar/restaurant!