How should we talk to our enemies?

eg. China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc.

What’s the right way to present?

Big stick? Little stick? Saber? Kisses up front with a knife behind the back?

No clue. I wouldn’t be a good politician.

Yeah, asking actuaries how to diplomatize is on level with the dating threads.

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The first part of “big stick” was “speak softly”, FWIW.

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Yeah, I still think that’s the best answer. Speak from a position of strength.

But the issue is when you’ve been speaking softly and getting ignored… then what?

My enemies are Republicans, and I don’t talk to them at all.

How’s that working out for you?

Follow-up, what does a “big stick” mean in the 21st century?

These days everything is terrorism, hacking, propaganda, assassinations, and third party atrocities.

All of which make our nukes and big army seem a bit out of place.

keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

big stick = the tomahawk

and all presidents love that tomahawk

My faith says we should love all. That’s hard, but in practice it means talk to our enemies with respect and dignity.