How often do you replace your mattress?

My mattress is about to turn 8 and I see these commercials saying you gotta replace it at that age. Baloney, I took a look and mine is just fine thank you very much. I think it could easily last another 10 years.

How often do you replace yours?


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A direct function of how well am I sleeping on it recently.


When my back hurts. First mattress I purchased as a married adult only made it five years. Spent much more on my second mattress (a tempurpedic) and have not felt the need to replace it yet.

If you are sleeping great then no need to replace


whenever I move. which is every 2-3 years.

Though my current one is a tempurpedic so probably will use for >5 years.

How do marketing majors live with themselves

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We bought a mattress when we got married, mumble mumble years ago. When it was new, we were very careful about turning it regularly, like the instructions said to.

It’s still working fine. I sleep well at home. It was a good mattress when it was new

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On 4th mattress in 38 years, last just a year ago

Probably went a couple of years too long on each

Sometime longer than about 15 years, so far…