How much does reserving software cost per license?

You know, like from the big players. Asking for a friend who might be interested in buying some reserving software.

A lot of variables.

Usually rated on size of company, number of users, on prem or cloud, level of support, etc.

But if I have to give a range, 25k - 100k.

k, I wasn’t looking for precision, as long as it’s accurate to the number of digits. I was going to guess 5-6. 7 would be kind of extreme but I’ve seem some enterprise software approach those levels.

7 figs would be rare. It would have to do a lot more than just reserving, such as enterprise solutions (data soluitons and subledgers)

it’s software that rhymes with shmashmastrophe shmodeling where I was shocked

I wouldn’t call cat modeling a reserving solution

In my experience, 25k is at the middle to high end of annual license fee range. And your standard disclaimer of differentiation between # of users, cloud, support levels still apply. I’m only familiar with life insurance / annuity space though, not so much P&C, so your mileage may vary.

P&C should be cheaper than life since we don’t do policy level projections, so requires a lot less computational power (unless doing some super complicated methodology using high # of stochastic simulations)

i think i was demo’d one that was $20K-$30K per license I think.