How many times have you taken a Covid test?

  • Never
  • 0-5
  • 5-10
  • 10-20
  • 20-50
  • more than 50

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Trying to decipher how “Never” and “0 times” are different . . .

Or how one would evaluate a fractional answer . . . “I thought about it, so does that count as, like, a half or quarter or something?”

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Probably did like 10 tests before, during, and after I got covid.

Then did a couple more after covid when I didn’t feel well again, but wasn’t covid.

Dang, good catch VA. Too much time has elapsed for me to change it now (5 minute limit).

The 0-5 option should be 1-5.

The sort order is messed up too. First poll I’ve created here. Dang rookie.

And yes, there are endpoint problems too.

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I have no idea. My first one was for symptoms, then for potential exposure, then when I had Covid—one to confirm, at least one when I went to the ER and got admitted, one before I started moving about in public.

I had a few before trips to see my mom. A few here and there for symptoms.

Not totally sure, but definitely at least 20, and probably (although not certainly) less than 50, so that’s how I voted.

I’ve taken 2 tests, once to attend a concert and once for a speaking event. The test requirement for the speaking event turned out to not be needed. The venue dropped the requirement at about the same time as I went for the test.

I knew I had Covid when I was sick with it because the symptoms of the then circulating variant very closely matched what I was experiencing.

I answered 5-10 even though I wasn’t sure whether if was 4 or 5. Then I realized the correct answer is possibly 5, probably 6 or 7.

Counting issue: if you go through a publicly-sponsored drive-thru test site and in the same drive through get both a rapid test (which at that time still took several hours before you received a result) and a PCR test, does that count as 1 or 2?

As typing this, I realize the answer should be 6, 7 or 8. I was taken to the hospital for reasons totally unrelated to COVID and with no COVID symptoms, but they did test me.

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Yeah I’ve probably taken somewhere between 4-6 home tests. I don’t believe I’ve done any drive through, PCR, clinic, or other though I did take my wife to a drive through one once when she was sick early in the pandemic only to find out it wasn’t COVID.

I think around 20. I chose 20-50 because I probably forgot some.

I think the sort order automatically changes based on answer selection popularity, so you didn’t screw that part up. :wink:


I think I should probably be in the next category up. I was testing weekly at work last year because it was free and convenient

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I used tests to rule out covid a few times for various reasons. I did not test when i had covid since i felt like shit 3 days after one of the school aged vectors in the house caught it.

All the times I have tested I had no symptoms and no knowledge of contact with someone exposed. In some, I had been traveling with lots of contacts. All test came up negative.

I didn’t get sick at all in 2020-21, so no tests needed. I got COVID in 10/22, and I tested several times until I was in the clear. Haven’t tested since.

I just read in Taiwanese news that China’s recently disclosed that 200million had covid in China :scream:

ive done 4 I think. I had 2 bad colds over the last 2 years. I tested a few times before returning to work each time. all negative, but i would be a real POS to have covid, not test, then just walk back into the office.