How many of you people had eggnog tonight?

Don’t worry, this will also soon pass.

i was eating an eggnog mini cupcake as i read this!

don’t really like eggnog. the eggnog mini cupcakes looked interesting, but they don’t even taste that good.

When I was little it seems like I alternated between liking egg nog and hating it every other year for a while. I finally settled on hating it.

Granted - I’ve only ever had the stuff from the cartons. I have no idea if homemade is any better, but I don’t really have any desire to find out.

i tried eggnog thinking i’d love it as a kid, but also didn’t like it then either. it’s too rich and sweet.

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No, but I did have mulled wine.

I love eggnog, straight from the carton. But I drink it Christmas morning, not Christmas Eve. We sprinkle a lot of nutmeg on top.

Yes, nutmeg really helps eggnog.

I have it in the evening with Christmas cookies. I’ve been putting a bit in my morning coffee instead of milk and sugar, and that’s been good.

I like having the quart once a year, no more.

I like homemade egg nog, but I drank wayyyy too many Whiskey Milk Punches (basically egg nog minus the egg) a month ago and didn’t feel like making egg nog this year.

Next year I’m going to try making it a month in advance and storing in the back of the fridge and see how it turns out.

me…me…me…I had liquid eggnog with cinnamon spice rum and eggnog ice cream, love them both. Plan to make an eggnog root beer float next.

I didn’t drink it on Christmas, but it’s good out of the carton with nutmeg. I also like four parts eggnog, two parts vanilla frozen custard, one part Bailey’s.

Eggnog and root beer and ice cream, or just eggnog and ice cream?

Probably try both ways!

Thank you for this idea, I tried it and it was yummy. I used more than I generally use creamer, but since it will take me forever to drink this carton without this new trick, I’m okay with that. Coffee really cuts through both the richness and the sweetness.

That’s worrisome. Please report back on the combining with root beer, that sounds… not good.

I’ve been cutting down on my eggnog intake since Grandma got run over by a reindeer