How many hours/week/day do you study?

Anyone care to share what your study times look like? Are you doing 4 hours a week? 20? Taking full days?
I tend to study maybe an hour or hour and a half weeknights and I’m concerned that it’s not effective study time, and worse, that it’s not enough. Wondering if I should be taking a day off work plus maybe mornings on the weekends to really ramp up my studying.

I shoot for 1-2 hours per day on weekdays. I take 1 hour during my workday and try to schedule it early because I burn out in the afternoons. Then I find my second wind around 8 or 9pm and study 1 more hour before bed. On weekends I shoot for 4-5 hours per day, usually taking a break to exercise about half way through.


Thanks. that’s what I figured. I better start ramping up the hours. I guess I’ll start to haul ass out of bed and hit the floor running on the weekends instead of a leisurely coffee.
I guess I could also take an hour over lunch and study as well. that’s trickier because work tends to get in the way.

Different exams, but what I’ve found to mostly work for me is to wake up an hour or two early before work and try and make sure I’m getting 1-2 hours every day just from that routine. I typically struggle to do a lot after work and even the weekends is usually a mixed bag but if I get in the routine of waking up early then it’s nearly found time (although I’ll tend to naturally start going to sleep earlier as a result).

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That’s encouraging - I’m trying to get into that routine for my (different) exam, so it’s good to know it at least works for someone else :slight_smile:

I decided to take the October sitting last month. It’s driving me crazy lol. 10hrs/day for the last 4 days. 3hrs/day on average.

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