How many cats is too many cats?

“Awe Gus is too cute, you should really keep him.”
“No I was kidding, 4 is too many cats.”
-Kid with 3 cats and 1 dog at home

When does it start to be too many cats?

  • None cats
  • 1 cat
  • 2 cats
  • 3 cats
  • 4 cats
  • 5 cats
  • 6 cats
  • 7 cats is legitimately too many cats
  • 8 cats
  • 42 cats
  • There is no such thing as too many cats

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I broke the poll already.

IMO, residents capable of caring for them (not small kids) + 2 is the limit for indoor cats. If you have a pole barn and outdoor cats on 10 acres it wildly changes.


You have too many cats when someone can step into your house and immediately tell you have cats because it smells like cats. So it depends on the size of your house, the flooring, and how well you clean up after them.

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As long as you can neuter, vaccinate, provide other medical care as needed, feed, and shelter properly you can have as many cats as you like. If you don’t do all the things on the list for your cats you shouldn’t have any cats.

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I recommend Pretty Litter for this purpose.

Also I need one of you to come over and test my house smell factor.

Out litter boxes are in the basement storage room, so not much of an issue. I did have an old cat that stopped using the box and instead used the carpets. That was one too many cats for a short period of time and resulted in replacing everything with hardwood (I wanted to do that anyway).

I put 1, should have put 0 as I find cat memes and pictures annoying too

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Four cats with fleas is also four too many cats, for a period of time.


I have 3 cats, so I said 4, but I could handle a 4th if our dog was not around.

Wife loves cats, so we usually have 2-3. 4 is definitely too many, but I voted 2 because I do not enjoy our cats. Also, I learned from a vet friend recently that you are supposed to have 1 more litter box than you do cats. So for 1 cat you should have 2 litter boxes, etc. Blew my mind. We have 2 cats and 1 litter box, but no room for 2 more litter boxes. Cats will just have to suck it up.

My MIL hasn’t had cats for 5 years but her place still smells of cat. I miss that cat.

Cats are know for doing this!

Our cat was sick last week and stopped using the litter box for a time. It was hell. Fortunately he peed on tile, not carpet, and is back to normal.

This would wind me up with having a cat, although my daughter would soooo love a cat. Sadly of all my wife’s allergies her allergy to cats is the worst.

…you are even thinking about getting a cat.

What do you call 100 cats at the bottom of the ocean?

A good start.

I have 2, a third one showed up at my mother in law’s house…wonder if we’ll have three now…

We have one cat. I don’t love cats but he is ok. He belongs to my adult kid who promised to take care of him. Of course I have to feed him (or he drives me crazy bc she sleeps later than I do) and clean out the litter box which I hate. I even bought her one of those easy clean litter boxes and she doesn’t do it. I do it when I notice the smell, at which point it’s too yucky to use the easy clean feature so I have to dump the whole thing and clean it and start over. (Mr aj doesn’t smell smells, or ignores them.)

So right now 1 cat is too many but the real problem is probably the kid and not the cat. Maybe I could get tid of the kid and keep the cat.

I did have 12 cats living in my home years ago. We somehow had collected 5 of them. Then one of my sons brought home a pregnant cat that was hanging around the trailer/office at a job site. She had 6 kittens. We did give away all of the kittens and now all 6 of the cats are also gone. Now it’s dog town at my house.


The city where I grew up had a local ordinance that limited households to no more than 4 pets of adoptable age. (Litters of kittens/puppies/… were exempted, and fish didn’t count.) This doesn’t seem like an unreasonable constraint if a firm number is required.