How long will you wear a mask post vaccine?

Since we’re still at only ages 12+, they are not going to for k-12, but maybe for high schoolers or 8th grade and above this fall.

There are many public colleges that have already came out and said its required starting in the fall.

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I think pfizer will be requesting full FDA authorization soon. They need 6 months of data, which they must now be close to having.

(That will only be for 16+, though.)

Interesting. I know a couple of people who aren’t getting the vaccine because it’s unapproved. I wonder if full FDA approval will move the needle for them, and others.




I imagine that a large number of those “not approved” types are likely the type of “I don’t need no stinking vaccine” (good check: do they get the flu shot annually?)

I’m sure that there are a good number that will want to wait an additional 6 months to a year to have all of the side effects “figured out.”

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I went to Costco earlier. It’s a Monday evening, as dead as you will find it. I opted out of the mask. Inside, probably 80% wore masks. This is in a suburban area that is mostly upper middle class in a red state. Mostly it seemed to be divided along race/culture - there were a lot of Indian-Asian shoppers that were ~100% masked. White shoppers were maybe 33% masked?

I was a little surprised at how many were wearing masks, but then I thought maybe there was a lot of bias in those who are showing up on a Monday evening are probably doing that to avoid crowds to begin with.

Earlier today I, uh, well there’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just say it. I went to a welding supply story to pick up a consumer sized canister of C02 gas for beer keg. I had my mask in my pocket, I saw a sign on a door with a mask on it, so I put it on, and went about my business. The other customer and the employee who helped me were not wearing a mask. So, before leaving, I went back to the front door and read the sign. It said “Non-Vaccinated customers are recommended to wear a mask.” Which is to say, you don’t need to wear a mask, stupid.

CO2 for beer is cool. Beer gas is even better.

Beer gas is not what many might think. It’s a combination of co2 and nitrogen for Guinness style beers that are both flat and foamy when poured.

Beer gives me gas. If you’re into that, that’s cool. Every pot has a lid and all that.

I mean, they have the nitro widget in cans, which is more than enough nitro beer for me.

It really just comes down to homebrrwing. It’s fun to play with if you do.

Well I’m not a homebrewer, I just wanted a beer tap at my last kitchen remodel. We’re off topic.

When I was hired my blood was drawn and my immunities were measured. I was required to take a couple additional vaccinations before I was allowed to work. I also have to take the flu vaccine every year or wear a mask while I’m at work. This shouldn’t be controversial stuff. Co-workers shouldn’t have to be at risk from people who refuse to vaccine themselves.

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The amount Americans care about the community around them is far too low for this ever to become a thing.

I still prefer getting a Guinness in a bar. :man_shrugging:

this just sounds crazy to me. Thinking it might be state by state employer laws.

I have never been asked any form of medical question as a term of employment. I would also argue that what you are stating is very much controversial. Many are all-in for the cause of public health but that does not mean others are willing to sacrifice liberties and/or privacy to do so. The public school debate is about to blow-the-F-up about this same concept.

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My company provided time off to get the vaccine, while that could have been used to help other family members get the vaccine, I did use the time so that has been documented in their system.

Don’t employees in a company have the right to a safe workplace? Why is it crazy for HR to actually enforce a safe workplace? I don’t get to open carry a gun at work either; does that mean I’m making a crazy sacrifice to my personal liberties?

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I’m not arguing one way or another on this one.

I’m saying this is 100% a controversial issue and there are 2 sides to it. Where is the line drawn on how much control over you life is given to your employer… or school… or government? how much should we let people make their own choices knowing full well many people make poor choices?